United Cities  and Local Governments   organized Congress october 1-4 in Rabat,130 Cauntries over 3000 leader joined in the congress,Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipalitiy Kadir Topbash elected again UCLG President until 2016,  President Kadir Topbash made speech about the election and working hard for the mission as before last years then thanked to all voters.

Also It was held exhibition Rabat Expo 2013 for 100nt anniversary of UCLG, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and ıts partners which are İSPARK, İSTAÇ, İSBAK, İSTON, İSTAÇ, İSBAK, SAĞLIK AŞ, BELBİM AŞ, İSMEK  joined and interested in the exhibition.