Istanbul Universty Euroasia Institute, TDBB(Union of Turkish World Municipalities) and members of TDBB Bağcılar Municipalitiy supported the workshop which is about  “Euroasia Workshop Method  in Turkey”.It  is  started  at July 19 and will take 2 days ,The Workshop about history of Asia, geography of Asia  cultural riches and problems  was held in Seyyid Hasan Medresesi that is historical places .Director of The Institute Doç.Dr.Bekir Günay speeched opening thanked to TDBB and Bagcılar Municipality, then Secretary-General Mustafa Başkurt thanked speeched about cooperation many asian cities and Institutes.

Vice-President of TDBB and Mayor of Bagcılar Municipality Lokman Çagrıcı speeched about trace of  ancestry in this and protection our cultural and historical relations.

Academics about 40 have attented to the workshop wiil take 2 days after this the workshop will be held other cauntries