Istanbul Metropolitan Munıcipality hosted Yunus Emre Oratorio gave a concert in CRR with contributions by Ministry of Culture And Tourism, the International Organization for Turkish Culture (TÜRKSOY) and Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB)

Humanism and universal message of tolerance in excess of the limits of Yunus Emre ages to announce to the world last year, Yunus Emre Oratorio performing concerts in the United States, this magnificent oratorio works in New York, Washington, Eskisehir and Ankara, the 20th Anniversary of International Turkish Culture Organization (TURKSOY) in Istanbul, this time with the support of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), The Yunus Emre Oratorio came to music lovers.

There was a very intense interest to the concert and the concert hall was full. Secretary General of the Union of Turkish World Municipality Mustafa Başkurt,Secretary General of the Turkish Council Halil Akıncı, representatives from member municipalities, union staff, artists, businessmen and the crowds of Istanbul with the participation of the intense media interest in the concert. Around hundreds of artists were applaused standing at the end of the concert.

First oratorio Turkish music, concerts, and then Washington and New York, the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, the Cemal Resit Rey Orchestra and Choir, accompanied by American Jonathan Griffith displayed in Turkish, Eskişehir, Turkey, for the first time. Yunus Emre Oratorio different states of the United States of Americans coming together for Jonathan Griffith Singers Choir of 90 people, consisting of Jonathan Griffith Singers Choir with Orchestra took a memorable performance in Cemal Resit Rey concert hall.

In Istanbul concert, taking inspiration from the concert which held in New York, Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin\’s work, who previously compose a poem “Haktan Gelen Şerbeti” gave TURKSOY was held at the World Premiere of a new work.

Work Jonathan Griffith Singers Choir to sing Turkish working weeks, both before and after the concert to Turkish, Turkey, and learned a lot of features on Yunus Emre and Turkey. Which will be held in Turkey, which is pretty exciting for touring concerts Yunus Emre Oratorio choir with many of its members visited Turkey for the first time. Jonathan Griffith conductor of the choir\’s choral art lovers unforgettable moments, however.

Ahmet Adnan Saygun and the most magnificent works of Turkish music, which is the first of Yunus Emre Oratorio, played in the management of the famous conductor American Jonathan Griffith, within the scope of the tour at the last concert on Friday, June 7 at 20:30 in Istanbul, gave the last concert in emal Resit Rey Concert Hall.

Yunus Emre Oratorio

Ahmet Adnan Saygun and the most magnificent works of Turkish music, which is the first of Yunus Emre Oratorio, for the first time in 1946 in Ankara, then twice a year in Paris In 1958, in the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the United Nations in New York, played in the management of the famous conductor Leopold Stokowski.

In 2012, after 54 years the universal message of tolerance of TURKSOY Yunus Emre, New York, Strathmore Music Center performs concerts at Lincoln Center and Washington reached the United States again.