Newroz Feast that every year is organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) International Organization Turkic Cultur (TURKSOY) has continued in Hendek and celebrated enthusiasticly because of anniversery of 10 th. year of TDBB.
The program was held Bayraktepe which is in Hendek,Governer of Sakarya  Mustafa Büyük ,Mayor of Sakarya Municipalty Zeki Toçoğlu, chef of Safety of Sakarya Mustafa Aktaş, Commender of Sakarya Albay Adnan Şimşiroğlu chef of Sakarya of Ak Party Recep Uncuoğlu,District of Hendek Governer Mustafa Ayhan,Vice President of TDBB and Mayor of Hendek Municipality Ali inci ,General secratery of TDBB Mustafa Başkurt attendented and many visitor in this feast.