Directors of Cultur  of TDBB’s Members  Meeting
Directors of cultur of TDBB’s members  meeting  held at February 11,2013.The meeting which was attended by Mayor of Bağcılar Municipality Mr.Lokman Çağırıcı  who  housted this meeting in Ottoman Mansion, Mayor of Bayrampaşa Municipality Mr.Atilla Aydıner, Vice Governor of İstanbul Mr.Kazım Tekin, General Secretery of TDBB Mr.Mustafa Başkurt, Vice Mayor of Trabzon Municipality Mr.Hüseyin Turan, Vice Mayor of Mersin Tarsus  Municipality Mr.Kerim Tufan and culturel director of TDBB’s members.
Main agenda were  action report of 2013 was presented, celebrate of Nevruz, Kids feast of 23 April,Poet and city meeting and The Third Afro-Eurasia Local Governments Congress were valued at this meeting then the meeting  was ended by General Secretary of TDBB Mr.Mustafa Başkurt’s apreciation speech.