The regional primary school built in the Kokoşçiçi village of Vareş city of Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Selçuklu Municipality and Başiskele Municipality was opened with a ceremony held on September 2, 2023.

TDBB Board Member, Selçuklu Mayor Ahmet Pekyatırmacı, Vareş Mayor Zdravko Marošević, Vareş Municipality Council President Mahira Brkić, Başiskele Mayor Yasin Özlü was represented by Municipality Councilor Numan Tonka and council members, representatives of the Turkish Embassy in Sarajevo, Yunus Emre Institute representatives and Kokoşçiçi residents attended.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Selçuklu Mayor Ahmet Pekyatırmacı said, in cooperation with TDBB, we opened the Kokoşçiçi Village Primary School in the Vareş region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As Başiskele Municipality and Selçuklu Municipality, we supported the construction of our school in our sister city. Good luck to our Bosnian children,” he said.

In his speech at the ceremony, Başiskele Municipality Councilor Numan Tonka emphasized that Bosnia-Herzegovina is one of the most important lands of our heartland and said: “Basiskele Municipality and Vareş Municipality became sister cities in 2022 under the coordination of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB). We hosted the Mayor of Vareş, Mr. Zdravko Marosevic, in our district. While signing the Sister City Protocol with our President M. Yasin Özlü, there was a heartfelt embrace. We are happy to support the school that was brought to our sister city Vareş”.

Vareş Mayor Zdravko Marošević said: “Dear children and dear residents of Vareş, I am particularly glad to see you here today, in front of this new school. The Republic of Turkey has been actively supporting Bosnia for a long time, especially in the education system and humanitarian aid activities. The opening ceremony of this school held today is the best example of this. I would like to thank the Selçuklu and Başiskele municipalities and the Union of Turkish World Municipalities for contributing to the construction of this school.

After the opening speeches, the ribbon cutting of the Kokoşçiçi Village Primary School a cultural program was organized by the school students. Afterwards, the participants toured the classrooms together, talked with students and wished them success.