Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Members Visoko (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Sakarya (Turkey) Municipalities signed a sister city protocol with a ceremony held on 11 August 2023.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce, Visoko Mayor Mirza Ganic, Sakarya’s district mayors, council members and bureaucrats attended the signing ceremony held in the city of Visoko. The Turkish delegation received information about the work done during their visit to Visoko.

In his speech at the ceremony held in Visoko Municipality, Mayor Yüce said, “Bosnia and Turkey are two countries that have been friends and brothers for many years. I had visited Sarajevo many times before for many occasions. My visit today is the most meaningful of them all. Today, we signed a Sister City protocol with Visoko Municipality, one of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia, to share brotherhood, cultural exchange, information and experience. I wish our sister city protocol to be beneficial.” 

The ceremony was completed with a gift exchange and a group photo shoot between Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce and Visoko Mayor Mirza Ganic and their delegations.