The Mayor of Nizhnekamsk city of Tatarstan Ramil Mullin and the accompanying delegation visited Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) on 13 April 2023. The delegation met with Secretary General Fahri Solak at the Union Headquarters.

Nizhnekamsk Mayor Ramil Mullin said: “Thank you for your time. Nizhnekamsk is one of the most important industrial cities of Tatarstan. 20 % of the industrial production in Tatarstan and 30 % of the country’s exports are made from Nizhnekamsk.

In addition, Nijnekamsk is a culturally rich city with more than 50 ethnic groups. As Nizhnekamsk Municipality, we cooperated closely with TDBB and took part in the Board of Directors representing Tatarstan. However, it can be said that our cooperation has slowed down due to the recent pandemic that has affected the world. In this context, we want to work more closely and improve cooperation in the fields of municipality, culture and education. For this purpose, we want to be a member of TDBB. As the Union, we look forward to welcoming you to the Sabantuy event, which will be held on June 10 this year”.

TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak said, “Welcome to both Turkey and our union. I am happy to say that Tatarstan is one of the countries we work closely with. As the TDBB Executive Board, if there are Municipal Unions in the countries, the Tatarstan Municipalities Union is still in the TDBB Executive Board, since it was decided to include them in the administrative Board. We are ready to work closely with the Nizhnekamsk Municipality as a direct member of our Association. As you said, the pandemic has negatively affected our activities. After the Presidential and Parliamentary elections to be held in Turkey in May, we will try to make up for the time we lost in the pandemic. We are ready to cooperate in Turkish Language education, sister city relations, municipality and cultural issues”.

The meeting ended with a photo shoot to commemorate the visit, after the exchange of gifts.