The Turkish Classroom, which was built at the Prva Osnovna School in Donji Vakuf City in Bosnia and Herzegovina within the scope of Yunus Emre Institute’s “My Choice is Turkish” Project, in cooperation with the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Selçuklu Municipality, was opened with a ceremony held on April 04, 2023.

Selçuklu Mayor Ahmet Pekyatırmacı, Donji Vakuf Mayor Huso Susiç, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Uzbaş, Yunus Emre Institute Sarajevo Director Mehmet Akif Yaman, Prva Osnovna Skola school administration and students attended the opening ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Mayor of Donji Vakuf Hüso Suşiç stated that they are sad and sharing their pain as a country because of Turkish citizens who lost their lives and were injured due to the earthquake in Turkey, and said, “Today, we are very happy to host our guests from Turkey and Konya. We are grateful to our Mayor of Selçuklu and the Union of Turkish World Municipalities. It was our pleasure to host you in the heart of Bosnia and I am sure you will feel good here.”

In his speech, Mayor of Selçuklu Ahmet Pekyatırmacı stated that the relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey are constantly developing and that local governments are also working to develop these relations, and said, “For this purpose, we cooperate with the Turkish World Documents Union (TDBB) and other Turkish institutions. We carry out various studies in the fields of education, culture and health by doing this,” he said.

Stating that they contributed together with the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in the construction of the Turkish classroom, Mayor Pekyatırmacı said, “We are not content with just learning Turkish in the Turkish classroom for our Bosnian children and brothers here. Last year, we took 130 Bosnian students from here to Konya, Turkey by plane. There, for three days, our children from Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to visit different, historical and touristic places of Konya and visit their schools. Hopefully, we will continue to take our children, who are educated in Turkish classrooms, to Turkey and Konya,” he said.

Mayor Pekyatırmacı also said, “We will continue our work in the fields of education, culture and health in different regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the next period. Bosnia and Herzegovina is our brother country and this brotherhood will continue. We will always continue to be with you. Thank you for your hospitality. May God be with you.”

At the ceremony, the folklore show prepared by the school students received great appreciation from the audience. After the speeches, the guests visited the Turkish classroom. The ceremony ended with the presentation of plaques.

4 Nisan 2023