From the first hours of February 6, when the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes took place, municipalities, like all institutions and organizations, started to work to deliver aid to the provinces of the region. Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Turkey member municipalities have also worked hard to heal the wounds of the earthquake since the first day.

Our member municipalities, which directed search and rescue teams and construction equipment to the cities affected by the earthquake, continued their work in the areas of shelter, food and clothing, infrastructure, hygiene and cleaning after the urgent needs were met.

Adana Municipality has mobilized all possibilities to minimize the damage caused by the earthquake in Adana, which is among the 11 cities where two earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.7 and 7.6, centered in Pazarcık and Elbistan, were effective. Adana Metropolitan Municipality delivers various necessities including breakfast and meals to the citizens staying in the sheltered areas, and continues to provide blankets, heaters and food support throughout the city. The Metropolitan Municipality sent search and rescue and firefighting teams, as well as aid trucks and vehicles, to Hatay, which was affected by the earthquake. In the city, district municipalities also carried out aid campaigns for both Adana and other provinces, and sent a large number of teams and materials to support search and rescue activities.

Afyonkarahisar Sandıklı Municipality sent the main necessities requested from the region such as Food, Blanket, Water, Baby Diapers, Diesel Oil, Shroud, Generator to the earthquake zones. In addition to these, Excavator, Fire Trucks, Municipal Service Vehicles, Food Truck, Funeral Washing Vehicle were also sent to the earthquake zone.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) assigned 3,428 personnel to the disaster area immediately after the earthquake. Necessities were transported to the region, where 1600 vehicles and construction equipment were directed, with 1116 trucks and trucks. The municipality, which provided basic needs for the continuation of life in the earthquake area, served soup and hot food for 3 meals a day in 9 kitchens, including mobile kitchens, and tents. ABB, which sent 159 trucks to the earthquake zone for drinking water, also offered 249 generators, 3,876 heaters and stoves, a 177-person capacity mobile toilet and portable shower to the earthquake victims. It transformed 10 EGO buses into mobile showers, mobile boiler rooms, mobile dormitories, mobile barbers and mobile laundry for earthquake victims. A mobile internet and satellite communication vehicle with 4.5G supported internet infrastructure was shipped to Kahramanmaraş. In addition, the municipality, which meets the shelter needs of 4 thousand 41 earthquake victims in Ankara, distributed 19 140 hot meals, 20 140 breakfasts, 1000 food packages and 3 975 soups.

Altındağ Municipality also sent 50 trucks of humanitarian aid material to the earthquake area. Altındağ Municipality teams also carry out cleaning work in the parks and streets in Osmaniye. Clothing, food and hygiene kits were also provided to 8,000 earthquake victims from the earthquake regions. In addition, Keçiören Municipality delivered 45 trucks of aid with various living materials to the earthquake zone.

Antalya Aksu Municipality sent a crawler excavator, a truck, a lorry and a pickup to Osmaniye with 7 personnel to support search and rescue efforts. In addition, with the aid campaign, 3 trucks of aid were sent to the earthquake zone.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality is working in the disaster area with a total of 732 personnel, including 296 search and rescue teams, 129 social assistance teams, and 307 transportation teams. More than 500 trucks carrying relief supplies were also shipped to the earthquake zone. Continuing to work in the disaster area with the support of 135 construction machines and 400 social aid vehicles, the municipality provides service in the disaster area with the soup kitchen, mobile toilets and showers, mobile catering truck is sent to the region.

Bayburt Municipality has sent 21 personnel, 1 fire truck, 1 construction machine, 1 bus, 2 funeral vehicles to the region since the first day of the earthquakes. With the support of citizens, 48 trucks of aid materials were delivered to the earthquake area. In addition to search and rescue, the municipality’s staff contributed to infrastructure works such as debris removal, excavation transport, delivery of aids to the region, distribution of hot meals, environmental cleaning and sewerage.

Bilecik Municipality delivered 20 aid trucks to the earthquake zone. Bilecik Municipality, which participated in the search and rescue efforts with a team of 76 people and equipment, 7 thousand 200 blankets, 6 thousand 63 baby food and cloth boxes, 6 thousand 10 food boxes, 6 210 clothes boxes, 4 thousand 400 hygiene boxes, 2 thousand 950 packages. water, 390 heaters, 120 tents, 80 beds, 9 trucks of wood and firewood, 5 service vehicles, 4 containers, mobile catering vehicles and generators.

Bolu Gerede Municipality sent 20 Trucks Carrying Aid Materials, 4 Trucks Carrying Wood, 4 Trucks Carrying Construction Materials, 18 Pickup Trucks Carrying Aid Materials, Water Tanker, Multi-Purpose Fire Truck, 6 Buses Carrying Troops, 2 Vehicles Carrying Funerals, 1 Trailer Tractor, 3 Tractors, 3 Leading Vehicle and 3 Operators took charge for the earthquake zone.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is working in the earthquake zone with nearly 1000 personnel and more than 300 vehicles and equipment. A temporary accommodation area with an area of 110 thousand square meters will be built with a total of 2 thousand containers in three areas in the earthquake zone. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which serves earthquake victims in 132 neighborhoods and villages in Hatay’s Antakya and Defne districts with 20 vehicles, distributes necessities such as food supplies, cleaning materials, electric heating stoves, firewood, charcoal, tents, clothes, diapers and food to the earthquake victims. Drinking water needs of earthquake victims are met with 5 utility water and 2 drinking water tankers with a daily capacity of 150 tons. Through BURFAŞ, the subsidiary company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, daily hot meals are provided to 12 thousand people through fixed and mobile kitchens. BURFAŞ also distributed hot meals to 512 thousand people after the earthquake with 14 soup kitchens and mobile kitchens. BUSKİ teams also perform water connections and infrastructure operations in Hatay and Kahramanmaraş. 

Osmangazi Municipality sent 334 personnel, 30 construction equipment and 14 aid trucks to the earthquake area in order to heal the wounds of the earthquake, as well as 6 vehicles and a 38 person civil defense unit that set out for search and rescue efforts right after the earthquake.

Bitlis Ahlat Municipality sent 8 trucks of humanitarian aid materials were sent to earthquake zones.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, sent 43 construction machines, 6 search and rescue vehicles, 15 trucks-vans, 5 fire trucks, 25 buses and 2 mobile soup kitchens and 397 personnel to the earthquake region, delivered 44 trucks carrying aid materials to the region.

Düzce Municipality provided 25 thousand blankets, 5 thousand electric heaters, 150 catalytic, 350 kitchen tubes, 500 tents, 5 thousand quilts, 3 thousand 250 pillows, 10 thousand coats, 2 thousand 500 fleece, 6 thousand 500 boots, 20 thousand gloves for the earthquake victims. 25 thousand socks, 25 thousand berets, 1000 thermal underwear, 10 thousand food boxes, 10 thousand baby food, 1500 kilos of flour, 38 generators, 5 thousand boxes of cakes and crackers, 6 thousand 500 head lamps, 20 thousand powerbanks, 25 thousand diapers, 25 thousand wet wipes, 1 thousand feeding bottles, 10 thousand pacifiers, 10 thousand coal stoves, 1500 iron cutters, 12 thousand breakfast packages, 38 trucks and 45 truck aids, 16 trucks of water, 3 trucks of wood, 3 trucks of pallets and 4 trucks of toilets with showers. They sent 44 volunteer personnel, 2 minibuses, 8 construction machines, 22 firefighters, 5 dump trucks, 2 pickup trucks, 2 fire trucks, 1 cleaning vehicle and 1 excavator to the region.

Edirne Keşan Municipality delivered 54 aid trucks to the region. In addition, the municipality sent its volunteer employees to serve in disaster areas and took part in the region within the scope of damage assessment studies. They also sent firefighters and construction equipment to the disaster area.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, sent 91 personnel, 91 construction equipment, 42 aid trucks, 81 thousand tons of fuel, 29 thousand miscellaneous needs, 833 tents, 100 water heaters, 52 thousand 500 masks, 500 overalls, 450 thousand packages of food, 6 thousand 500 construction materials, 6 thousand 143 blankets, 5 thousand 670 clothes, 1010 heaters, 990 sleeping sets, 567 children’s tables, 226 mobile toilets, 94 garbage containers, 63 water tanks and 12 thousand materials used in funeral services.

Yakutiye Municipality sent 26 humanitarian aid trucks, 35 thousand liters of fuel, 37 construction machines, support services, emergency aid and technical team and a team of 108 people, including operators, 100 container houses to the provinces affected by the earthquake.

Eskişehir Odunpazarı Municipality delivered 23 trucks and Tepebaşı Municipality 9 trucks of supplies to the region. Günyüzü municipality also contributed to the disaster area with aid trucks.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which is among the 11 cities affected by the two earthquakes, supported the installation of 979 tents in the center and 980 tents in the surrounding districts for the earthquake victims who had to stay outside their homes. The teams set up laundries in Nurdağı and Islahiye districts to ensure hygienic conditions. A hygiene kit was created for those living in tent cities and containers. Approximately 9,000 gluten-free breads were produced for celiac patients at Another Gluten-Free Cafe in Gaziantep. Nurdağı district supports the container area situation and infrastructure application and leveling works with 4 dozers, 2 cylinders, 2 graders and 1 water pump. 800 containers will also be installed. 400 kilowatt transformer was installed in Nurdağı district and 162 tents were supolied with electricity. 7 electricity poles were insalled for 200 tents in the tent city of Alpaslan Türkeş Mahallesi, which is connected to the district. 10 network poles were insalled for 250 tents in the tent city of Aslanlı Mahallesi. All of the 20 rural neighborhood connection roads damaged in the district were improved by pouring gravel. Again, within the scope of the debris works in the district, 10 excavators, 4 loaders, 2 dozers, 3 graders, 4 cylinders, 25 trucks, 5 water sprinklers, 11 backhoe loaders, jcb, 2 cranes, and 5 trucks rushed to the aid of the earthquake victims. 8 garbage collection vehicles, 3 tankers, 5 double cabin pickup trucks and 120 personnel carried out the cleaning in the district. 124 mobile toilets and 33 bathrooms were installed in tent and container areas, water channel connections were made. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality responded to the shelter and nutrition needs of 7,743 citizens in more than 20 social facilities after the earthquakes that took place in Hatay on February 20. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which has prepared psychosocial support teams for earthquake regions, has started free bus services as of Wednesday, February 22 for the ease of transportation to Nurdağı and Islahiye. Şahinbey Municipality also actively participated in tent cities, with daily 95 thousand hot meals, bread and food supplies, cleaning and hygiene, social market, debris removal and rehabilitation works in the provinces and districts in the earthquake zone.

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality actively participated in the works for earthquake survivors with the means at its disposal, despite the fact that the main service buildings and the Fire Brigade Department buildings were destroyed, many buildings were unusable, 109 personnel were lost and many personnel were injured.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and 39 district municipalities in the city mobilized all their means for the region after the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes and carried out studies in many areas from search and rescue to meeting the needs of earthquake victims such as food, shelter and cleaning. IMM took charge in the earthquake zone with 4 thousand 670 people, 3 thousand 953 of whom were personnel and 717 of them were volunteers. There are 522 construction machinery/service vehicles of various qualities in the region. 686 IMM personnel, consisting of officers and volunteers, took part in the search and rescue efforts coordinated by AFAD. IMM’s 90 personnel worked in the region for damage assessment. 28 prefabricated containers with a capacity of 140 people were installed in the area opposite the Samandağ State Hospital by IMM, which shipped 3,738 tents and 72 containers in total to the region.

77 trucks of Hamidiye water and 42 trucks of 3 million 900 thousand Mediterranean-style bread, 270 thousand golden buns, 69 thousand baby biscuits and 4,100 gluten-free breads were shipped to the region. While IETT produced 2 meals a day for 3 thousand people, and the Support Services Department for 11 thousand people, 3 meals a day, food, cake, tea, water and fruit juice were distributed to search teams and citizens from the mobile kiosks established. 212 cabin toilets, 70 mobile showers, 6 washing machines, 6 dryers, 34 mobile charging stations with IMM WiFi service, 44 of which are fixed and 5 changing, at 10 points, while a cleaning team of 183 people participated in the works with 28 vehicles for the cleaning of the cities. Within the scope of its services, it provided mobile and on-site health services to earthquake victims with 155 personnel. On the Orhangazi Ferry, which was sent to the region by the IMM, 3 outpatient clinics, 1 pharmacy, dressing room, 11 patient-bed observation area were provided, while 780 patients were treated and 1,884 citizens were treated in the field. Within the scope of veterinary services, 26 personnel created feeding points for stray animals and distributed food. İSKİ carried out damage assessment and repair works with its teams of 124 people and İGDAŞ with 14 people.

District municipalities of Istanbul also actively contributed to the relief efforts in the earthquake area:

Adalar Municipality supported the works in the region with 10 search and rescue personnel. The municipality also delivered 5 truckloads of aid materials including clothing, heaters, blankets, food and hygiene products to the region.

Arnavutköy Municipality after the earthquake sent a search and rescue team of 16 people to the region with the necessary equipment and construction machinery. The municipality, which continues to work with many personnel in areas such as cleaning, infrastructure and soup kitchen, sent 30 trucks of aid to the region. Aid supplies consisting of 20 trucks were kept ready to be sent in case of need. The municipality continued its activities to establish a tent city of 500 households at 2 points.

Bağcılar Municipality participated in the work with a search and rescue team of 55 people. Bağcılar Municipality sent a search and rescue team of 55 people to the region in the first place with 2 excavators, 2 buckets, 5 construction machines and 1 rescue vehicle. Aid materials collected from Bağcılar for basic needs were transported to the earthquake zone by 115 trucks, 16 pickup trucks, 25 buses and 14 minibuses, while hot meals were served to 12 thousand people daily in soup kitchens prepared in the region. The municipality, which has set up tents, container houses, shower cabins and toilets in many places, has carried out works on cleaning, infrastructure and psychological support in the field.

Bahçelievler Municipality shipped 313 parcels of medicine, with a trained search and rescue team of 40 people, 1 search and rescue dog, a total of 5 vehicles, 2 of which are search and rescue vehicles, generators, mobile light towers, tents and professional search and rescue equipment. The municipality, which also participated in the work with 13 construction machines in the region, sent 313 parcels of donations from volunteer pharmacies and companies in the district to the earthquake zone, consisting of 72 trucks of aid materials consisting of medicine, medical and hygiene materials and basic needs. The Mayor of Bahçelievler announced that they donated approximately 14 million liras to the earthquake zone, including 3 months’ salary and 5 thousand liras for 2 thousand 737 personnel working in the municipality. The municipality, which also delivered mobile toilets and shower cabins to the earthquake area, continued to work on the establishment of a container city consisting of 200 containers in Hatay.

Başakşehir Municipality continues its work in the earthquake area, where it went with a large number of personnel after the earthquake, 113 trucks of aid were sent from the district for the earthquake victims. Başakşehir Municipality, which will establish container cities to meet the housing needs of 1300 families in Malatya, continued infrastructure works in the region as well as a logistics center and a soup kitchen for 17 thousand people.

Bayrampaşa Municipality sent humanitarian aid materials to the region, consisting of 253 vehicles consisting of trucks and vans. The municipality also delivered 2 mobile soup kitchens, a bus, a crane and a tow truck to the region.

Beykoz Municipality participated in the works in the earthquake zone with 330 personnel and 71 construction machines. The municipality, which works with soup kitchens, mobile toilets and shower cabins, cleaning and hairdresser services in Hatay Kırıkhan and Malatya Akçadağ, delivered 142 trucks of humanitarian aid collected from the district to the disaster area. While Beykoz Municipality served hot meals to 106,500 people in Hatay and 42,300 people in Malatya, the mobile soup truck traveled around the villages and distributed 11,200 soups. The municipality continued to work in the region, focusing on cleaning, activities for children and psychological support.

Beylikdüzü Municipality delivered 887 tents, 4 of which are field tents, to the first stage of 44 decares of land across the Iskenderun Port, and delivered 450 tents. 46 home-type containers were also shipped to the region. In the tent city where nearly 3 thousand earthquake victims lived; kitchen, dining hall, living containers, children’s area, tents, industrial generator, infirmary, fuel tank, 31 shower containers, 15 mobile toilets, 17 water tanks and 59 WC containers. The municipality, which also delivered 187 trucks of aid materials to the region, continued to provide various needs in the field.

Beyoğlu Municipality provided support with 40 search and rescue teams. Beyoğlu Municipality, which supported the works with the 40 search and rescue teams it sent to the earthquake area in the first place, sent 90 truck aid materials to the region within the scope of the studies it carried out in the district. In the Beyoğlu Aid Center established in Dulkadiroğlu, Kahramanmaraş, the teams established a large soup kitchen where 15 thousand people are served hot meals every day and a bakery where 15 thousand breads are baked daily, and also distributed food to the surrounding accommodation areas with 3 mobile soup kitchens. Providing service to earthquake victims with dozens of washing and drying machines, the municipality delivered a thousand wood stoves and two truckloads of firewood to the earthquake area. Municipal teams, which created a portable mobile playground for children, carried out work on 200 container houses, 60 of which were completed in the first place. The municipality, which formed an emergency aid team from 8 vehicles and 2 motorcycles in order for the aid to reach the districts and villages, provided health screening and treatment services to the earthquake victims with 2 ambulances and specialist doctors. The teams that treated small and bovine animals in the region with the animal ambulance and veterinarians also carried out garbage collection and cleaning services in the region.

Büyükçekmece Municipality carried out work in the field with its 95 personnel. Alongside the Search and Rescue Team, hot meals were distributed to 15 thousand people a day by the municipality.

Çekmeköy Municipality went to the region with a search and rescue team of 20 people and participated in the search and rescue efforts. The municipality carried out work in the region with 250 personnel, 31 construction machines, 2 search and rescue vehicles, 2 pickup trucks, 10 water tanks, 27 buses and minibuses, mobile buffet vehicles, 2 funeral vehicles and 2 ambulances. The municipality, which sent 110 trucks of aid to the region, continued its efforts to establish a 200-family container city in Afşin, Kahramanmaraş.

Esenler Municipality sent 330 tents and 100 thousand boxes of food, about a thousand people and dozens of construction equipment, disaster and emergency vehicles, various vehicles, consisting of 30 search and rescue personnel, police, distribution officers, technical teams, soup kitchen and social market workers and volunteers. They contributed to the studies with the equipment they sent. The municipality provided 330 tents, 100 thousand boxes of food, 310 tons of fruit, 28 thousand 800 pieces of 5-liter water, 726 boxes of clothing, 38 thousand blankets, 25 thousand sleeping sets, 15 thousand boxes of cleaning and hygiene materials, 300 tons of wood and coal, 225 trucks with 5,706 electric heaters, 500 coal stoves, a thousand water heaters, 46 generators, 114 mobile toilets, 7 mobile bathrooms and 3,000 kitchen sets have delivered humanitarian aid materials to the region. The municipality, which has put into service the social market where earthquake victims can get all kinds of materials from food to clothing, from cleaning materials to children’s toys free of charge, along with the soup kitchen where 10 thousand people are served hot meals every day in the region, has started the construction of a neighborhood with a total of 1,750 containers.

Eyüpsultan Municipality sent 62 truck aid materials to the region, including blankets, coats, boots, diapers, scarves, hats, sleeping sets, cleaning materials and heaters. The municipality, which has sent 200 tons of coal, 52 heavy machinery, and 102 mobile toilets to the earthquake region with 173 personnel, provided food and clothing support to 571 earthquake victims who applied to them.

Fatih Municipality sent 58 trucks to the earthquake area, some aids were delivered to the region by cargo plane. The municipality, which sent 1 million 563 thousand 675 aid materials and 207 thousand 660 pieces of water to the region, sent 108 tons of fuel, 89 thousand 50 kilograms of flour, 25 thousand kilograms of rice, 1 refrigerator and 2 wheelchairs to the region. The municipality continued its work with 43 vehicles/construction machines and 189 personnel.

Gaziosmanpaşa Municipality carried out relief works in the Onikişubat district of Kahramanmaraş. Municipality teams participated in the works with 26 search and rescue officers, 180 field support personnel, 8 damage assessment officers and 24 buses, minibuses and passenger vehicles. The municipality, which sent 63 trucks of aid materials collected through the aid campaigns launched in the district, to the region, served the earthquake victims with an oven with a daily capacity of 10 thousand bread and a kitchen with a dining capacity of 5 thousand people. The municipality, which also sent a mobile kiosk, 18 showers and portable toilets to the region, continued its work in the field with 9 construction machines, 5 cleaning vehicles, 40 cleaning personnel, 1 ambulance and 3 health workers. The teams that established 2 playgrounds also carried out infrastructure work for the container city where 215 containers will be located.

Güngören Municipality, besides the search and rescue teams the container city, the municipality established central bathroom and toilet in Kahramanmaraş, sent supplies, clothing and tents were distributed in the region. Participating in the works with a large number of construction equipment, the municipality sent 50 trucks of aid material collected in the district to the region.

Kartal Municipality sent 18 search and rescue personnel, 10 search and rescue volunteers, 2 fully equipped search and rescue vehicles, 1 logistics vehicle and 1 catering vehicle. Warmers, blankets, quilts, pillows, bed linen, food parcels, overalls, winter clothes, winter boots, coats, winter baby clothes, scarves, hats, gloves, toilet paper, soap, wet wipes, baby diapers, baby Food, sanitary pads and hygiene kits were sent to the earthquake zone with 105 trucks. Logistics warehouse, mobile kitchen and 10 container toilets were set up in the Disaster Coordination Center established in Antakya. The tents and all other aid materials collected here were delivered to the districts and villages affected by the earthquake by the Municipality teams, and 3 meals of hot food were served in the centre.

Küçükçekmece Municipality carried out works since the first day of the earthquake, the Search and Rescue teams of the Civil Defense Directorate participated in the rescue efforts. Küçükçekmece Municipality, which sent aid materials, mobile soup kitchen and construction equipment to the region, sent 64 trucks of aid materials, 8 field tents, 58 tents and 3,650 children’s toys collected in the aid campaign in the district to the earthquake zone. With the mobile soup kitchen it established in Hatay Samandag, the Municipality offered hot meals and beverages to the earthquake victims for 5 thousand people daily.

Maltepe Municipality delivered the basic needs materials collected through the aid network it established to the citizens in the earthquake-affected regions with 70 trucks. In addition to the first aid work, the medical teams sent 3 JCB, 1 excavator and 2 large-tonnage trucks to the region with 6 personnel for the rescue of the wreckage and debris removal works, and participated in the damage assessment studies.

Sancaktepe Municipality sent 156 thousand ready-made food and dry legumes, 152 thousand breads, more than 100 thousand water, nearly 85 thousand coats, shoes, children’s clothing, 36 thousand sleeping sets, and many necessities to the region with 82 trucks. The municipality, which sent 133 construction machines to the region, carried out studies in the earthquake zone with 11 people consisting of volunteers and its own personnel. The municipality also worked on the establishment of a city of 500 containers in Malatya, one of the regions most damaged by the earthquake.

Pendik Municipality worked with 37 search and rescue personnel, 3 search and rescue dogs and search and rescue vehicles in Hatay. While 120 trucks containing the basic needs collected with the aid campaign were sent to the region, 5 thousand people were served hot meals daily. The municipality provided services in different areas such as transportation and exploration, especially search and rescue and infrastructure works, with the construction equipment, trucks and support vehicles it sent to the region. Continuing their activities in the region with cleaning vehicles, the teams took part in disinfection, garbage collection, street cleaning and rubble-debris removal in temporary shelter areas.

Sarıyer Municipality participated in the work in the Samandağ, Arsuz and Defne regions of Hatay with 131 technical personnel including civil defense team, search and rescue dogs, construction and electrical workers, health personnel, veterinarians, engineers and architects. While the municipality teams built a 2 storey, 776 square meter prefabricated multi-purpose building, they worked on the preparation of tent cities, toilets and shower infrastructures. The municipality, which sent the aid materials collected in the district to the region with 30 trucks, supported the works with many construction machines.

Silivri Municipality provided logistics and technical support to the region and sent a total of 152 trucks loaded with many basic needs and living materials to the provinces affected by the disaster. In addition to the trucks, a total of 189 vehicles, consisting of 67 passenger cars, 15 pickup trucks, 12 minibuses, 14 buckets, 2 caravans and 8 excavators, were dispatched to the earthquake zone. While the “Tent Village”, consisting of 100 in Belen district of Hatay, 50 in Kumlu district and 120 in Defne district, consisting of a total of 270 units with wood-felt floors, each of which is 24 square meters, is being built, the stove, wood, beds, pillows and blankets that will be needed here are also provided.

Sultanbeyli Municipality took part in the works in the earthquake zone with search and rescue teams and construction equipment. The municipality, which established a soup kitchen for earthquake victims in the region, also continued to work on the construction of container cities.

Sultangazi Municipality’s search and rescue team carried out work in Adıyaman with 27 construction machines after the earthquake. The municipal teams, which gathered in the district and sent the aid materials consisting of 131 trucks to the region, established a mobile soup kitchen that produces food for 20 thousand people daily. The municipality, which built a mobile oven with a capacity of 5 thousand fresh bread per day at the entrance of the city, created the “Sultangazi Municipality Container Life City”, which will accommodate 2 thousand earthquake victims, including 300 container houses and 120 thermal tents, toilets, shower cabins and children’s playgrounds.

Şile Municipality sent 35 truck aid materials and volunteer workers collected in the district to the earthquake zone. Sending 73 personnel, 123 volunteers and search and rescue teams to the earthquake zone, the municipality distributed hot meals to 10,000 earthquake victims, 3 meals a day, in the soup kitchen it prepared in Antakya, Hatay.

Tuzla Municipality participated in the work in the region with a search and rescue team of 126 people and 121 construction machines. In addition to the aid material consisting of 180 trucks, the municipality delivered the necessary materials such as sleeping bags, tents and fleece, which were erected in Public Education Centers for earthquake zones, to the earthquake zone. The municipality, which established a soup kitchen and a logistics center in Kırıkhan, Hatay, started the construction of a container city consisting of 150 containers.

Ümraniye Municipality, after the earthquakes offered 3 meals a day to 8 thousand people with the soup kitchen it established in Hatay Center, Kahramanmaraş Onikisubat and Gaziantep Islahiye. In the city of 500 containers with a capacity of 7-8 people, consisting of 2 rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet; It is planned to include sections such as laundry, cafeteria, market, health center, praying room and children’s playground. 209 truckloads of aid materials, consisting of food, beverages, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, hygiene kits, heaters, generators, baby diapers, water, thermos, medical products, bread, milk and clothes collected through the aid campaign, were delivered to the earthquake area. Ümraniye Municipality’s search and rescue team of 20 people served in Hatay, 45 cleaning personnel in Kahramanmaraş Onikişubat, 8 personnel in Hatay Yayladağ with 4 garbage collection vehicles. 3 patient transport ambulances working in Kahramanmaraş and Malatya sent the injured to hospitals. Police Department teams distributed food, clothing, water, milk, baby food, quilts, blankets, coal and stoves to the earthquake victims in the neighborhoods and villages of Onikişubat. The earthquake victims who came to Ümraniye from the earthquake area were provided with supplies and aid materials.

Üsküdar Municipality, with 21 search and rescue teams, 12 damage assessment teams and 110 support personnel, sent 144 people to the earthquake zone in the first place. Üsküdar Municipality, which participated in the works in the region with a total of 37 construction machines, distributed food to 10 thousand citizens daily at the mobile soup kitchen in front of İskenderun Millet Park. While the collected aid materials were shipped to the region with 97 trucks, 120 mobile toilets, 2 vans of medicine and serum supplies were also sent to the region. The municipality has worked to establish a city with a total of 850 tents and 500 containers for the need for shelter.

Zeytinburnu Municipality, while participating in the search and rescue efforts with its 132 personnel, has provided 76 truckloads of food and logistics aid to the earthquake victims so far. While the search and rescue teams of the Zeytinburnu Municipality supported the works, they also supported the region with services such as a mobile kitchen truck serving hot meals to 6 thousand people daily, construction equipment with various features and portable toilets.

Karabük Safranbolu Municipality sent 1 vehicle to Hatay Kumluca Municipality warehouse, 1 vehicle to Adıyaman Gölbaşı warehouse, 1 vehicle to Adana, 1 vehicle to Hatay Erzin warehouse. As aid vehicles, 1 vehicle was sent to Kahramanmaraş Elbistan, 1 vehicle to Gaziantep, 1 vehicle to Kahramanmaraş, 1 vehicle to Adıyaman and 1 vehicle to Hatay.

Karaman Municipality sent 300 trucks of aid materials to the provinces affected by the earthquake. 44 municipal personnel, consisting of fire brigade, construction equipment operators, cleaning workers and bus drivers, and civil engineers participated in the work in the region.

Kastamonu Municipality delivered aid of 17 trucks, 2 pickup trucks and 3 minibuses. Aid included stoves, fuel, hygiene items and clothing. The municipality also sent 2 water pumps, 4 search and rescue vehicles, 1 fire truck and 2 water tankers to support the region. 24 search and rescue personnel and 60 personnel were dispatched from Kastamonu and Taşköprü municipalities.

Kayseri Talas and Hacılar Municipalities supported the earthquake area with personnel, construction equipment and aid materials.

Kırşehir Municipality, sent 8 vehicles to Adıyaman, 9 trucks carrying humanitarian aid, 250 blankets, 50 heaters and stoves, 5 personnel, 5 vehicles to Gaziantep, 5 trucks carrying humanitarian aid, 50 heaters and stoves, 50 hygiene materials and 3 personnel, 13 vehicles, 12 trucks, 2 containers of hygiene materials and 18 personnel to Hatay, 19 vehicles to Kahramanmaraş, 18 trucks carrying humanitarian aid, 500 blankets, 50 heaters and stoves, 4 generators and 15 personnel, 4 vehicles to Malatya, humanitarian He sent 4 trucks carrying aid, 500 blankets, 50 heaters and stoves, 25 tents and hygiene materials, 1 vehicle to Osmaniye, 1 truck carrying humanitarian aid and 2 personnel, 1 vehicle to Şanlıurfa, 1 truck carrying humanitarian aid and hygiene materials. Kırşehir Municipality also delivered 4 personnel and a water pump, a combined vehicle to Kahramanmaraş Pazarcık, 1 minibus and 3 personnel to Hatay for debris removal and cleaning works.

Kilis Municipality, from the first day of the earthquake putted into operation cafeterias in the Social Facilities and 3 meals a day were served. The teams, which supplied water to the villages of Musabeyli and Elbeyli districts without water, participated in the damage assessment studies with 28 technical personnel. Kilis Municipality Fire Department supported the search and rescue efforts in Islahiye with 4 personnel and 1 vehicle.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality worked on search and rescue with 706 personnel in the earthquake zone, with a full-fledged tent city and field hospital with a capacity of 800, infrastructure and prevention of epidemics. While 10 thousand hot meals are served every day, 5 thousand of them are served for breakfast. In Kahramanmaraş and Hatay, it offered soup to 700 thousand people, 382 thousand ready-made food, 200 thousand bread, 200 thousand tortillas, 72 thousand hot meals and 30 thousand drinking water. In the Defne district of Hatay, 1 tent city, 1 field hospital and 1 permanent kitchen were installed. A mini football field was prepared for the children. Gebze Municipality provides service in Defne district of Hatay with a capacity of 400 personnel and 90 vehicles. Municipal teams carry out cleaning and spraying works for sterilization, and giving hot soup and food. Başiskele Municipality also sent aid materials of 25 trucks with 600 food parcels and 7.5 tons of food materials. 180 boxes of baby food, 5 pallets of water, 3,950 boxes of clothing, 1,700 pairs of shoes, 530 units of heaters, 20 thousand 350 blankets-quilts, 1000 pallets, 150 carpets, 500 boxes of diapers, 150 boxes of wet wipes were included.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, together with the district municipalities, has taken charge in Hatay with 793 vehicles, 2 thousand 844 personnel, 134 generators and 760 projectors from the first day. They worked in areas such as container city installation, search and rescue, water supply, mobile kitchen, bread oven, mobile communication. Konya Metropolitan Municipality produces around 23 thousand breads every day in Hatay. Meals were distributed to 16 thousand earthquake victims with their mobile kitchens. 600 aid trucks were sent to Hatay. Apart from this, the Metropolitan Municipality shipped 50 trucks of flour, 10 trucks of fattening and milk feed, and 10 tons of dog food. Konya Water and Sewerage Administration (KOSKİ) teams repaired the damaged lines in Hatay, installed water tanks in tent cities, and provided mobile toilet services with more than 100 cabins at 41 different points. The teams, which also carried out maintenance and disinfection work at the Karaçay Drinking Water Treatment Plant, worked to solve the water problems of Hatay. Konya Metropolitan Municipality is establishing container cities in Hatay together with Konya Chamber of Commerce, Konya Chamber of Industry, Konya Commodity Exchange and district municipalities. At the first point determined, infrastructure works were completed and containers began to be placed. At the second point, infrastructure works continued. Temporary settlement areas, which will be created with 487 containers in the first stage, will be increased to 1000 containers in the second stage. Karatay Municipality participated in search and rescue efforts in Hatay with 50 vehicles and 162 personnel. Karatay Municipality sent a total of 48 trucks of aid materials to the earthquake area. Selçuklu Municipality joined the earthquake zone in Hatay with 16 vehicles and 28 personnel. As a result of the work coordinated by Selçuklu Municipality teams and volunteers, 7 trucks of humanitarian aid were sent to earthquake victims in Hatay.

Kütahya Tavşanlı Municipality provided support to the region with 31 personnel, 19 vehicles, 156 aid trucks, and Simav Municipality with 10 personnel, 51 aid trucks and 5 vehicles.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality firefighters rescued from the debris with 173 teams. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which offers 45 social facilities to the service of 80 thousand earthquake victims, produced food at 25 points, produced 110 thousand breads and 600 thousand dishes of food per day. Working in the field with 749 vehicles and construction equipment, the teams set up toilets and bathrooms in 22 tent cities. Continuing the infrastructure connections of container and tent cities, the teams made 920 trenches, drilled 310 wells, and intervened in 140 excavated faults.

Manisa Şehzadeler and Yunusemre Municipalities collected aid materials and construction equipment and sent to the earthquake zone.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality sent 514 fire brigade and support team personnel, as well as 208 vehicles, 8 generators and work machines to 11 provinces affected by the earthquake. The municipal teams, which also delivered 120,000 bread and 20 truck water to the earthquake victims, distributed 629 thousand 445 breakfasts, meals and soups until 22 February. The municipality, which has set up tents for 300 families in Hatay, has started the construction of a city in Adıyaman that will include a field hospital, social and sports areas, and a nursery with 670 containers. The health teams of the municipality provided 4 thousand 753 examinations, psychological support, dental and oral health and personal care services.

Nevşehir Uçhisar and Ürgüp Municipalities supported the works in the earthquake zone with their personnel and construction equipment.

Niğde Municipality, sent 85 trucks of food aid collected in the aid campaign, 12 funeral vehicles, 5 construction machines, 15 search and rescue vehicles, 6 trucks and pickup trucks, 4 fire trucks, 16 buses, minibuses, mobile soup kitchens, 2 water tankers, mobile gasilhane, 20 delivered the generator and 50 tents to the region. In addition, 150 personnel of the municipality, which sends 8 thousand 500 blankets, 10 thousand heaters, 500 sleeping sets, 65 thousand clothing aids, 50 thousand diapers, food, hygiene materials and laundry, 5 containers, 15-person shower cabins, sinks and toilets, are working in the field. Bor Municipality sent 36 trucks of aid materials, 42 containers, funeral washing and transportation vehicles, excavators, 2 trucks, 3 minibuses, and 15 personnel to the region.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has sent 284 personnel to the region with 221 vehicles since the first day of the earthquakes. The aid collected with the support of the citizens was delivered to the earthquake zone with 22 trucks.

Rize Municipality provided search and rescue, debris removal, cleaning, funeral services and spraying cleaning services with 109 personnel and 32 service vehicles in the earthquake region. 19 aid trucks, 16 trucks, 1 minibus and 2 buses were sent to the region. The tent city, which consists of 200 tents with beds, heating tools and equipment and other necessities, and accommodation for a thousand people, which was built in the workshop of the municipality, was completed in Kırıkhan, Hatay.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is establishing cities with a total of 550 containers in Adıyaman and İskenderun. The municipality, which sent more than 200 humanitarian aid trucks to the region, continued its work with more than 500 personnel and more than 200 vehicles, mobile soup kitchen, tea, water distribution and 1 Mobile Disaster Coordination Truck.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality sent aid materials consisting of food, clothing, cleaning, fuel, containers and portable toilets to the earthquake zone with 600 trucks. The Metropolitan Municipality also delivered 71 thousand 545 liters of fuel to the region. More than 200 search and rescue teams from the metropolitan municipality and districts, especially Ilkadım, Canik, Atakum and Tekkeköy, supported the work in the region. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality carried out works in many areas from debris removal to infrastructure works with 147 vehicles and 233 personnel in the earthquake zone.

Sinop Türkeli Municipality sent an aid convoy consisting of 2 trucks of fuel material, 1 truck of aid, 1 garbage truck and 1 vacuum truck to the earthquake victims.

Sivas Municipality sent 2 fire trucks, 3 search and rescue vehicles and 50 search and rescue personnel to Malatya and Kahramanmaraş. The municipality also delivered 40 construction machines, 20 of which are trucks, and 80 trucks of food, clothing, blankets and bedding to the earthquake area. For the evacuation of the citizens in the disaster area, 100 minibuses and 30 buses were assigned. Cleaning, garbage collection and spraying activities were carried out in Malatya city center and Doğanşehir district.

Tokat Niksar Municipality sent 10 portable showers, 10 mobile toilets and 2 trucks of water to the earthquake area. In addition, the teams affiliated to the Niksar Municipality Fire Brigade Directorate supported the search and rescue efforts in Hatay Iskenderun, while the civil engineers within the municipality participated in the damage assessment studies in the Defne district of Hatay.

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality sent 324 personnel, a total of 250 vehicles, including cranes, construction equipment, funeral vehicles, water tankers and cleaning vehicles, 103 trucks carrying humanitarian aid, and 1 ton of cat and dog food to the region. TRABİTAŞ, one of the affiliates of the Metropolitan Municipality, also offered 10 thousand meatballs, bread and ayran daily to the earthquake victims. In addition, 200 garbage containers were sent to Kahramanmaraş and cleaning, garbage collection and disinfection activities were carried out in the region. Based on the need for shelter, 23 containers were sent to the Elbistan district of Kahramanmaraş. From the first moment, Ortahisar Municipality sent 117 personnel, 51 trucks, 10 heavy machinery, 13 trucks to Adıyaman, Hatay and Kahramanmaraş. A total of 150 winter tents for 8 people, produced by the teams of the Municipality’s Machinery Supply Directorate, were also delivered to the region. In the cafeteria created in the earthquake zone, 1500 people were served three meals a day.

Yalova Altınova and Çınarcık District municipalities reached the earthquake area with a search and rescue team of 100 people, including volunteers, and participated in the work. 25 trucks of necessities, 14 vehicles, containers, generators and a large number of construction equipment were sent to the earthquake zone.

Yozgat Municipality has sent 115 personnel, 2 excavators, 2 buckets, rescuers, 3 trucks, 2 fire trucks, water tankers, 4 land vehicles, 4 funeral transport vehicles, 2 water trucks and vacuum trucks to the earthquake area, especially in the Hassa district of Hatay. With the aid campaign, 212 truckloads of various necessities were shipped to the earthquake zone. While hot meals were served to the earthquake victims in the soup kitchen established in Hassa district, the infrastructure of the container cities established in the district was prepared by the personnel. Akdağmadeni Municipality sent 14 trucks of food, blankets and clothes, 30 trucks of wood, 2 excavators, a funeral vehicle and a truck to the region.

5 Mart 2023