On February 6, 2023, two earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.7 and 7.6 occurred in Turkey, affecting more than 15 million people in 11 provinces. Tens of thousands of buildings were destroyed; more than 40 thousand people lost their lives. After the earthquakes, many countries from all over the world mobilized for the earthquake in Turkey. Search and rescue teams, engineers, seismologists, medical personnel, field hospitals and humanitarian aid were sent to Turkey.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, said that the number of countries that offered assistance to Turkey due to the disaster it experienced was 102, and 88 of them personally provided assistance in the field. Stating that 23 countries left the country after completing their duties, Çavuşoğlu stated that 11,302 foreign personnel were also involved in the aid organization.

Countries that extend a helping hand for Turkey to heal its wounds like Azerbaijan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Iraq, Palestine, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, TRNC, Kosovo, Lebanon, Hungary, Mongolia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, UAE, Bangladesh, Belarus, United Kingdom, Brazil, Algeria, Czech Republic, China, El Salvador, Armenia, Estonia, Finland, France, South America, South Korea, Georgia, Croatia, India, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Iran, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Tunisia Teams sent by Turkmenistan, Jordan, Venezuela and Greece participated in search and rescue efforts in the earthquake area.

The member countries of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) were also among the prominent countries in earthquake aid.

Azerbaijan became the first country to send a search and rescue team after Turkey declared a fourth-level alert, which includes international assistance for the earthquake zone. Azerbaijani teams, 899 personnel and 8 search and rescue dogs performed search and rescue work in Kahramanmaraş. On the other hand, according to the statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, the state of Azerbaijan delivered humanitarian aid to Turkey from the first day of the earthquake until February 17, with 15 planes and 350 trucks. In addition, a total of 21 million 367 thousand Manat (236 million 667 thousand TL) financial aid was provided by state institutions, private companies and individuals. In addition, Azerbaijan Municipalities took an active part in the process with aid campaigns and delivered the collected aid to Turkey.

Afghanistan after the earthquakes that hit Turkey, the Afghan administration announced that it would provide aid worth 150 thousand dollars. In addition, approximately 950 thousand liras collected by the people of Afghanistan were delivered to the Turkish Embassy in Kabul.

Albania sent a 73-person search and rescue team, 7 rescue vehicles, and 2 aid trucks to Turkey. In addition, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that they had donated 1 million Euros on behalf of his country by connecting to the “Turkey-One Heart” aid campaign by phone.

Rescue team of 234 people from Bosnia and Herzegovina served in Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman and Hatay. Bosnia and Herzegovina sent 69 aid trucks to Turkey. In addition, 500 thousand Euros of financial aid was provided by the Bosnia and Herzegovina government and 250 thousand Euros by the Islamic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, many Municipalities and Non-Governmental Organizations organized aid campaigns in the country and took an active part in the works in the earthquake zone.

Search and rescue teams of 98 people from Bulgaria participated in the work in Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman and Hatay. The Bulgarian Red Crescent Organization (BÇK) also sent 240 thousand Euros to Turkey within the framework of the national campaigns they started. In addition, a total of 10 large military tents, each with a capacity of 100 people, were sent to Kahramanmaraş and Hatay from Bulgaria.

Palestine on the other hand, sent a team of 35 people to Turkey to support emergency response and rescue efforts. The team participated in the works in Malatya. The Palestinian Ministry of Foundations and Religious Affairs also announced that the aid collected for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria after Friday prayers in mosques in the occupied West Bank reached approximately 1 million dollars. In addition, Palestine sent 15 tons of relief materials and 22,000 sleeping bags.

Iraq sent emergency aid equipment, a civil defense team of 150 people, 170 construction equipments, 30 thousand tons of fuel support and 28 trucks of humanitarian aid to Turkey. Iraqi Government Secretariat General Spokesperson Haydar Majid stated that 50 planes carrying aid supplies have been sent to Turkey and Syria since the earthquake occurred. Majid noted that 26 planes sent to Turkey carried 136.5 tons, and 24 planes sent to Syria 126.5 tons.

The search and rescue team of 101 people sent by the Ministry of Emergencies of Kazakhstan continued their work in Gaziantep. In addition, 150 tons of humanitarian aid was collected and sent to Turkey. 4 million 138 thousand dollars collected by the citizens of Kazakhstan were sent to the AFAD account. Kazakhstan also sent 114 traditional Kazakh tents for temporary sheltering of earthquake victims and ensured their installation in Kahramanmaraş.

Montenegro sent two search and rescue teams of 83 people. Two teams worked in Adıyaman and Hatay. 27 tons of aid and 400 thousand Euros in cash aid were sent from Montenegro to the earthquake zones of Turkey.

A team of 188 people, consisting of search and rescue officers, health workers and psychologists from Kyrgyzstan, came to Turkey and worked in Kahramanmaraş and Gaziantep. Kyrgyzstan also provided Turkey with financial support of 141 thousand dollars and sent 100 traditional Kyrgyz tents and 20 military tents to ensure their installation in Kahramanmaraş. The Kyrgyzstan Religious Directorate also collected 3 million 667 thousand TL for earthquake victims. In addition, Kyrgyzstan Municipalities took an active part in the process with aid campaigns and delivered the collected aid to Turkey.

A team of 30 Security Force soldiers from Kosovo and 48 search and rescue workers were sent to Turkey to participate in search and rescue efforts. In addition, basic necessities such as 3 thousand 161 blankets, 30 generators, 28 heaters, diapers, quilts, mattresses, pillows and winter clothes were sent to Turkey by THY and trucks by Kosovo.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) also participated in the work with 249 search and rescue and 70 health workers in Hatay. In addition, 82 aid trucks and 13 million TL in cash aid were sent from TRNC to Turkey through campaigns organized by Municipalities and Non-Governmental Organizations.

North Macedonia sent 8 rescue vehicles, 3 dogs, 10 thousand blankets and 25 tons of food and hygiene materials to Turkey, as well as a search and rescue team of 40 people. At the stands set up in the square in front of the historical Murat Pasha Mosque in the capital, young people offered for sale food prepared by their families from home and collected cash aid for earthquake victims.

Lebanon, with its 83-person teams, carried out search and rescue operations in earthquake areas and sent 1.5 tons of humanitarian aid.

167 experts and 28 dogs from Hungary took part in search and rescue efforts in earthquake zones. The teams continued their work in Hatay. Hungary also sent 90 tons of materials.

In Egypt, 144 tons of humanitarian aid materials, 2 military planes and a military ship were sent by some Turkish companies to support the regions affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes. In addition to aid materials, 10 tons of canned food products supplied by a food company with Turkish partnership established in Alexandria, Egypt, were sent.

Mongolia also sent search and rescue and medical personnel to Turkey. In addition to the search and rescue team of 42 people and medical personnel, a plane carrying 1,500 blankets, 10 tons of canned meat, 2 tons of candles and other aids were sent.

Moldova also sent a 55-person search and rescue team to earthquake zones. The team worked in Hatay. Gagauzia Autonomous President Irina Vlah announced that 550 thousand Lei (550 thousand TL) of aid was collected for the earthquake in Turkey.

180 search and rescue personnel and 71 medical personnel sent from Uzbekistan to Turkey and the Field Hospital continued their work in Hatay. Aid materials of 270 tons, which were sent to the earthquake victims, were delivered to different regions of Turkey by 6 cargo planes, scheduled planes of Uzbek and Turkish airlines and more than 10 trucks. In addition, Uzbekistan City administrations took an active part in the process with aid campaigns and delivered the collected aid to Turkey.

Pakistan sent 85 search and rescue personnel, 16 planes and 16 trucks, a 30-bed mobile hospital to Turkey. A 10 billion Rupees relief fund was created. In addition, a Pakistani citizen, who did not reveal his name, went to Turkey’s US Embassy and donated 30 million dollars.

The search and rescue team of 167 people sent from Romania worked in Gaziantep and Hatay.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia sent two Il-76 aircraft carrying a search and rescue team of 401 people to Turkey. The teams continued their activities in Kahramanmaraş and Adıyaman. In addition, Russia sent 80 tons of aid (500 tents, 9 thousand sleeping bags and 9 thousand beds, more than 100 tents for 30 people each) and more than 1 million dollars in cash aid to Turkey.

A search and rescue team of 47 people from Serbia also served in Adıyaman. In addition, Serbia sent 2,500 heaters to Gaziantep.

In the aid campaign initiated for those affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes in Somalia, 4 million dollars were collected, 1 million dollars from the Somali government and 3 million dollars from the citizens.

Ukraine sent a search and rescue team of 175 people to support Turkey. The teams served in Hatay. In addition, Ukraine’s Kharkiv Municipality sent 22 tons of humanitarian aid to its sister city, Gaziantep.

Turkmenistan sent a team of 10 doctors and a search and rescue team, including medical supplies, to the areas affected by the earthquakes.

A search and rescue team of 50 people from Tajikistan and 51 people consisting of a surgeon served in Gaziantep.

The United States of America (USA) participated in search and rescue efforts in Adıyaman with 160 people and 12 search and rescue dogs from the Humanitarian Aid Office of the International Development Agency (USAID). In addition, nearly 100 Los Angeles County firefighters and structural engineers from California and six specially trained dogs were sent to Turkey. On the other hand, USA also decided to provide emergency humanitarian aid worth $85 million to Turkey and Syria.

According to the statement made by the European Union (EU) Commission, 38 teams from 21 EU member states and Albania, Montenegro and Serbia were sent to Turkey within the scope of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. It was stated that there were 1650 people in these teams, including search and rescue workers and medical experts, and 104 search and rescue dogs were included in the teams.

NATO announced that more than 1,400 emergency response personnel from more than 20 NATO allies and partners, including Sweden and Finland, were deployed to Turkey. A search and rescue team of 74 people from Sweden participated in the work in Kahramanmaraş and Malatya.

The United Nations (UN) Emergency Fund set aside $25 million to help people affected by earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. In addition, 3,000 tents were sent.

The World Bank (WB) announced that it will send earthquake support worth 1.78 billion dollars to Turkey. The bank also announced that evaluations have begun for the determination of the magnitude of the disaster, search and rescue and reconstruction of the region. On the other hand, a resource of 1 billion dollars was prepared to support the citizens living in the earthquake zone.

The International Union of East Turkestan Organizations committed to donate 1 million TL on behalf of the East Turkestan community to the One Heart Donation Campaign launched for earthquake victims on all TV channels across Turkey, and to deliver 7 million TL to the earthquake region in the coming days.

23 Şubat 2023