“TDBB Orhun (Mongolia) Municipality Information and Experience Sharing Program”, organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, was held in Sakarya on 15-17 December 2022.

The program, under the chairmanship of Mayor of Orhun Metropolitan Municipality S. Batjargal, was attended by Orkhon Council Members B. Munkhdalai, В. Adiya, D. Uuganbayar, D. Munkhbold, Ts. Gansvkh, Kh. Oyun-Erdene, G. Erdenebat, E. Batjargal, D. Darkhanbayar, P. Ganzorig, B. Myagmarsvren, C. Ymenkhvv, O. Munkh-Od, D. Khuvsgul, Municipal Council People’s Expert B. Dulamragchaa and Manager of Mongolian Association of Local Administration (MALA) M. Sainbileg.

The delegation from the city of Orhun in Mongolia was made presentations and field trips about the investments and works realized in Sakarya.

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem Yüce met with the delegation at the Greenhouse Center of Excellence. Mayor Yüce talked about the city’s agricultural projects and stated that they are on their way to becoming number one in agriculture. Noting that the Greenhouse Center of Excellence with soilless geothermal heating is a model in Turkey, Mayor Yüce said, “In order to utilize natural resources in the most effective way, we have established our center, which can perform geothermal-sourced soilless agriculture, on an area of 53 thousand square meters. In our greenhouse, which has a fully automated production system, production is controlled with all the possibilities of technology with the automation system of heating, ventilation, fogging, irrigation and fertilization. We grow 8 types of tomatoes in our greenhouse. 600 tons of tomatoes were harvested in 5 months. We will produce 1250 tons at our center throughout the year. We bring the tomatoes produced in our greenhouse, which is designed as a pioneer in the changing and developing agricultural production models of the world, to the consumers in the domestic market.”

Mayor Yüce, who hosted the delegation in his office after the greenhouse visit, introduced Sakarya and told the guests about the projects they implemented in the city. Stating that there is a historical closeness between the two countries, Mayor Yüce said, “Welcome to your home in Turkey. Sakarya stands out with 5 sectors in Turkey. Textile, defense, automotive, agro-ornamental plant and food sector are the main ones. Our city has a very important place in industry. It includes the largest factories in the world, especially the largest automobile factory in the world.” Drawing attention to the activities carried out in sports, Mayor Yüce said, “We have an important place both in our country and in the international arena with the title of European sports city and different sports branches within our municipality.”

Mayor Ekrem Yüce presented his gifts to the delegation at the end of the visit. Speaking during the visit, Mongolia Orkhon city council member Myagmarsvren said, “We thank Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) for the organization and you for hosting us in Sakarya.” A silver lion representing the city of Orkhon was presented to Mayor Yüce.