“Turkey – Kazakhstan Brotherhood Monument”, built by Bağcılar Municipality on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the arrival of Kazakhs in Turkey, was opened with a ceremony held on 26 November 2022.

Bağcılar Municipality organized a series of events on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the settlement of Kazakhs who migrated from Kazakhstan to Anatolia. Within the scope of the events, the Turkey-Kazakhstan Brotherhood Monument, built in the garden of Hasan Nail Canat Information House and Culture and Art Center, was inaugurated.

Speaking at the opening, Mayor of Bağcılar Abdullah Özdemir said, “Our citizens, whose numbers exceeded 10 thousand in the adventure that started with 120 families in Bağcılar, add color to our district. We have accomplished many works that mark the Turkish-Kazakh brotherhood in this geography of our heart.”

Kazakhstan’s Ankara Ambassador Yerkebulan Sapiyev said, “Our blood relatives were brought to Anatolia 70 years ago. Our Anatolian brothers opened their arms and accepted our relatives as brothers. Only brothers do this. This is a symbol of our unity and solidarity.”

On the front face of the monument, between the branches and leaves of the plane tree, there is the flag of Turkey and Kazakhstan, on the back of the monument, there is a history describing the migration.

As part of the events, a Symposium on Kazakhstan’s political, cultural and social structure was held at the Bağcılar Municipality Service Building Conference Hall.

After the symposium, the guests watched the documentary film “Kazakh Migration from Altai to Anatolia with a Longing for Freedom” and also visited the “70th Years from Ataland to Motherland” exhibition, which tells about Kazakh migration. Kazakh artists also gave a mini dombra concert.