One of the central districts of Ulanbator, the Capital of Mongolia, Mayor of Chingeltei Municipality Batsumberel Natsagdorj, a member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), and his accompanying delegation visited Pendik Municipality and TDBB on 16 November 2022.

Chingeltei and Pendik Municipalities, which signed various collaborations with the sister city protocol signed in 2009, came together to strengthen the sister city relationship and improve cooperation. During his visit to Pendik Municipality, Mayor of Chingeltei Batsumberel Natsagdorj, who spoke at the meeting where “Zero Waste” and “Recycling” were discussed, said: “We are one of the greenest districts of Ulanbator and we want to benefit from your experience in recycling and zero waste in order to preserve it”.

Deputy Mayor of Pendik Atakan Yüce, who accepted the delegation, said, “First of all, I would like to welcome our guests from Chingeltei Municipality. Our country attaches special importance to the Turkish-Mongolian relations, whose roots go back centuries, and strives to further strengthen the cooperation between the two countries. Our municipality is ready to give all kinds of support to Chingeltei on Zero Waste.”

After the speeches, the Mongolian delegation visited Pendik Municipality Waste Sorting Center and received information from the authorities.

Chingeltei Delegation Visited TDBB

The delegation of Chingeltei Municipality, which also visited TDBB within the scope of its Turkey visit, met with Secretary General Fahri solak at the headquarters of the Union on 16 November 2022. In the meeting where joint projects and new cooperation opportunities were evaluated, Fahri Solak said, “We are pleased with our historical relations and recent close cooperation with Mongolia. Mongolia participated in our general assembly held on June 10, 2022 with a strong and crowded delegation. In 2022, Mongolia’s Darkhan Municipality and Zeytinburnu and Gönen Municipalities; Dornogobi Municipality and Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality signed a sister city protocol under the coordination of TDBB. In recent years, there have been many mutual visits and contacts from Mongolia. We hope that this current relationship with Mongolia will continue to develop in the form of the establishment of new sister cities and the active work of existing brothers.”

Mayor of Chingeltei Batsumberel Natsagdorj said, “We are pleased to work closely with Turkey. Since Turkey is a large and developed country, we have a lot to learn. We are also in good dialogue and cooperation with TDBB. Two years later, it will be the 55th anniversary of Turkey-Mongolia relations. We can do some collaborative work in this area. We are pleased to work with TDBB. We follow and appreciate TDBB’s work in Mongolia. As Chingeltei Municipality, previous mayors have visited, but I wanted to meet you and our sister city Pendik. Thank you for helping us at this point. Our visit to our sister city Pendik was also very productive. Pendik Municipality is a very successful municipality, we visited its works closely, and we talked about our projects. They also expressed that they would support us. Our Turkey Program was very productive. At this point, we thank you”.

The program ended with mutual gift giving and a photo shoot to commemorate the day.