The 2022 application period for the Master’s and Doctoral Thesis Support Program of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) has begun. In this framework, the principles of the program to support students who are enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program at universities in Turkey and who have passed the thesis stage and whose thesis topic is related to “Local Administrations, Urban Studies and Common Cultural Heritage in Turkic Republics and Related Communities” have been determined. Applications can be made to Union’s e-mail address until 18 November 2022 within the framework of the following application principles of the Graduate Thesis studies support program.

Guideline of TDBB Support Program of Master and Doctorate Theses

TDBB goals to raise cooperation and experience sharing between Turkic Republics and Relative Communities and to develop urbanism / local governance percept and historical / cultural heritage. For this purpose, TDBB has started this support program to reinforce the urbanism percept in target region of TDBB (Balkans, Caucasia and Central Asia) with current academic developments and the master or doctorate students who passed thesis stage and registered to a university in Turkey and whose thesis subject is on “Local Administrations, Urban Studies and Common Cultural Heritage in Turkic Republics and Related Communities” may apply to the program.

Application and Evaluation Process

TDBB supports the candidates selected by Selective Commission on their thesis about “Local Administrations, Urban Studies and Common Cultural Heritage in Turkic Republics and Related Communities”. The candidates are selected by an interview with Selective Commission about academic and intellectual qualifications and command of their theses and the support program covers twelve months for master students and thirty-six months for doctorate students.

Necessary conditions are:

  • To be graduated from a four-year formal university education of a university in Turkey or a foreign university whose accreditation is accepted by YÖK (Council of Higher Education),
  • To finish or postpone military service (for male candidates),
  • For master students; grade point average of undergraduate should be at least 3.00 on a 4.00-point scale or 75 on a 100-point scale,
  • For doctorate students; grade point average of master should be at least 3.15 or a 4.00-point scale or, 80 on a 100 point scale,
  • To finish course period, pass to period of thesis and have the subject of thesis approved.

Application process will end up within 3 months from delivery of necessary documents.

Necessary documents are:

  • Application Form,
  • Identity card or permit of residence and passport,
  • Student certificate,
  • Reference letter from advisor academician,
  • Statement of purpose (250-300 words),
  • Draft of thesis subject and method (100-150 words),
  • For master students, diploma and transcript of undergraduate,
  • For doctorate students, diploma and transcript of master.

Candidate should keep the original versions of the documents above during the interview. Applications will be valid after the candidates send the documents in PDF format to

Support Period:

  • Within the scope of Support Program of Master and Doctorate Theses during 2022-2023 academic year, the amount and duration of the support will be 10.000 TL in twelve months for master students and 30.000 TL in thirty-six months for doctorate students. The payments will be made one in four months after progress reports presented by student.
  • Holders of program should present progress report one in four months and a final report in the end of thesis according to the start time determinate by Commission.
  • The progress reports should be prepared pursuant to the rules determined by Commission and be sent to in PDF format. If the reports are not sent before deadline, the payments will not be rendered until the presentation of report.
  • Progress reports will be examined by Commission or the academicians chosen by Commission. After the consideration, if the report is unwarrantable, Commission may demand a revision of report.
  • In the cases of nondelivered reports on time or inadequacy of revisions, Commission will decide about persistence of support.
  • Commission may demand from holders, article, research report or presentations about his thesis in symposiums, congress and academic meetings.
  • The theses deemed appropriate by Commission may pressed by TDBB.

The Cases of Cutting off the Support:

  • Graduation of student from the university he has education,
  • Receiving a discipline punishment in university,
  • Non-deliverance on time of thesis,
  • Detection of false pretense in documents (in this case previous amount will be collected),
  • Detection of failure of student,
  • Except these cases, the student may demand freeze the support because of compelling reasons.

Application Form