Organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with Zeytinburnu Municipality, TIKA, Kyrgyz Republic Consulate General in Istanbul and Kyrgyz Turks Culture and Solidarity Association, “40th Anniversary of Ulupamir Kyrgyz Turks’ Migration to Turkey and Rahmankul Khan Commemoration Program” was held on September 25, 2022 at Zeytinburnu Culture and Art Center.

The program was attended by Kyrgyzstan Minister of Culture, Information, Youth and Sports Azamat Camankulov, TDBB Deputy Chairman and Mayor of Zeytinburnu Ömer Arısoy, Kyrgyz Republic Ankara Ambassador Kubaniçbek Ömuraliyev, TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak, TURKSOY Secretary General Sultan Raev, Turkic States Organization Deputy Secretary General Arslan Koichiev, Istanbul Consul General of the Kyrgyz Republic Lira Sıdıkova, Deputy Governor of Istanbul Özlem Bozkurt Gevrek, Rahmankul Han’s son Arif Kutlu, President of the Kyrgyz Turks Solidarity Association Abdülmetin Keskin, NGO representatives and many other guests.

The program, which started with a photography exhibition, continued with a video showing the story of migration, protocol talks, a panel and a concert.

Ömer Arısoy, Deputy Chairman of TDBB and Mayor of Zeytinburnu, made a speech in the program and said, “We call Zeytinburnu the spiritual center of the Turkish world. I say this with the experience I have gained in this city where I have lived for 30 years. Zeytinburnu is a district that hosts people from many countries and cities of the Turkish World. You see and feel it when you go out on the street. We recently held the Turkish World Story Festival in this hall. At the same time, Zeytinburnu is the host of TDBB. I am also in your presence as the vice president of TDBB. For this reason, it is a great pleasure for us to host the 40th Anniversary of Ulupamir Kyrgyz Turks’ Migration to Turkey and the Rahmankul Khan Memorial Program at Zeytinburnu Culture and Art Center. On this occasion, I commemorate Rahmankul Khan, who devoted himself to Islam and his nation with mercy, because as a result of his struggle, we had the chance to live together with the Pamir Kyrgyz in our country today. I would like to thank the people and institutions who contributed to the program.”

On the other hand, Kubaniçbek Ömuraliyev, Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Ankara, talked as “I would like to thank all the institutions and individuals who brought us together and contributed to such an important program. I would like to express my gratitude to the Turkish State and its people, who extended a brotherly hand to the Pamirs and embraced them in Van 40 years ago. The hand extended to the Pamir Kyrgyz is due to our friendship and brotherhood. I hope the friendship between the two countries will last forever.”

Azamat Camankulov, Minister of Culture, Information, Youth and Sports of Kyrgyzstan, also made a speech and said: “Distinguished President, esteemed guests, I bring you greetings from your homeland. The ancient Kyrgyz people have faced many difficulties throughout history, but they have never left the traces of their ancestors, they have never broken away from their traditions and culture. Throughout history, the Kyrgyz people have acted with an understanding and thought that abducts the enemy and enriches their friend. Today, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the migration of the Van Ulupamir Kyrgyz, one of our brothers living in Anatolia. On behalf of all Kyrgyz people, we would like to thank the Turkish people for protecting their Kyrgyz brothers, placing them in the highest corner of Turkey, sharing their water and bread and acting in a brotherly manner. We need to remember the efforts of some people on this historical path. In this context, Rahmankul Khan, the son of Caparkul, was both a diplomat and a seer of the future, finding his way in the dark, and was able to bring the Kyrgyz living in Pamir to Van despite the difficult conditions. Rahmankul Khan should be an example for us Kyrgyz today. It is our duty to take him as an example. I would like to thank each and every institution who contributed to the realization of this program. May the Turkish-Kyrgyz friendship be forever.”

In the program, a panel on “40th Anniversary of Ulupamir Kyrgyz Turks’ Migration to Turkey and Rahmankul Khan” was also held. The panel was chaired by Marmara University Faculty Member Fahri Solak, and Prof. Dr. Nazif Şahrani from Indiana University, Prof. Süleyman Kayıpov from National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic,  President of Pamir Bridges Association Bernard Repond and Lecturer in Dicle University Abdulmukaddes Kutlu attended as speakers.

The program was concluded with music and folklore performances by Kyrgyz artists after the presentation of the Thank You Plaques.