Kyrgyzstan Park, which was built by Uçhisar (Nevşehir) Municipality, a member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), was opened with a ceremony held on the Independence Day of Kyrgyzstan, 31 August 2022.

The opening of the Kyrgyzstan Park was attended by Governor of Nevşehir İnci Sezer Becel, Kyrgyz Republic Ankara Ambassador Kubaniçbek Ömuraliyev, President of Turkey – Kyrgyzstan Friendship Group Giresun Deputy Sabri Öztürk, Mayor of Nevşehir Dr. Mehmet Savran, Mayor of Uçhisar Osman Süslü, Mayor of Sulusaray Bayram Yılmaz, Mayor of Nar Süleyman Özçelik, Mayor of Çat İbrahim Ertürk, representatives of NGOs, provincial protocol members and many other guests.

After the opening ceremony, a Sycamore tree was planted in the park area. Afterwards, the Kyrgyz tents in the park were visited and Kyrgyz dishes were served to the protocol.

During the speech he made at the opening ceremony, Mayor of Uçhisar Osman Süslü said, “The sister city protocol, which is the first step to strengthen and develop mutual cultural ties and cooperation between Karakol Municipality of Kyrgyzstan and Uçhisar Municipality, has been signed recently. Today, we all live together on the historical day crowned by this protocol. I would like to thank the participants who did not leave us alone and were with us on this historical day. I wish Kyrgyzstan Park will be beneficial for all.”

On the other hand Kubaniçbek Ömuraliyev, Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Ankara, stated that “ Happy 31st anniversary of the independence of the Kyrgyz Republic and August 30 Victory Day of the Republic of Turkey! May the sisterhood relations between the two states be strengthened and take firm steps forward on the path of development. On such a meaningful day, I am happy that the name of Kyrgyzstan, in friendly and brotherly Turkish lands, will be kept alive in this beautiful park in Uçhisar, the peak of Cappadocia. I would like to express my endless thanks to Mayor Osman Süslü for having this beautiful park in Uçhisar.”

Uçhisar and Karakol Municipalities Became Sister Cities

On July 5, 2022, Uçhisar Municipality and Karakol Municipality had signed a sister city protocol in Kyrgyzstan, hosted by Karakol Municipality. During the speech he made at the signing ceremony, Mayor of Uçhisar Osman Süslü had said, “Since we have historical and cultural ties with Kyrgyzstan, signing a sister city protocol with Karakol Municipality is an important development for us. We are waiting for the Mayor of Karakol Ermat Camayev and his delegation to the opening of the Kyrgyzstan Park, which is the first step in the name of brotherhood and which we will be opening in our city in a short time.”