“TDBB Mongolia Member Municipalities Information and Experience Sharing Program”, organized in cooperation with Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, was held on 13 June 2022 with presentations and field trips in Sakarya.

The program was attended by Mayor of Chingeltei Munkhbat Bultenkhuu, Mayor of Dornogobi Ganzorig Battsengel, Mayor of Bayankhongor Yundenbazar Dagva, Mayor of Selenge Badamdorj Badamborj, Mayor of Battsengel Maidar Bazarsad, Mayor of Zamiin Uud Aldarbayar Naidan, Mayor of Orkhon Munkhbat Dashzeveg, Mayor of Uvs Chimed Chuluun, Mongolian Union of Local Authorities Secretary General Yanjinlkham Puverdorj, Ihhet Municipality Deputy Mayor Narangerel Battsolmon, Dornogobi Municipality Deputy Mayor Enkhzaya Amgalan, Uvs Municipality Deputy Mayor Tegshjargal Zandan, Sukhbaatar Municipality Deputy Mayor Batbold Gulguu, Deputy Mayor of Ulzit Municipality Jargalsaikhan Darinchuluun, Bayan-Khutag Municipality Deputy Mayor Altangerel Bold, Ikhbayar Tasburged, Sukhbaatar Deputy Mayor Amarzaya Khurelbalatar, Municipality General Secretary Amarzaya Khurelbalatar Gulguu, Deputy Mayor of Battsengel Municipality Jamsranjav Lkhaasuren, Deputy Mayor of Bayan-Khutag Municipality Altangerel Bold, Deputy Mayor of Airag Municipality Nyamsuren Batbold, Deputy Mayor of Uvs Municipality Otgonbayar Lhaisuren, Deputy Mayor of Govisumber Municipality Bileggumberel Baadar, Deputy Mayor of Uvurkhangai Municipality Enkhzaya Dash-Osor, Deputy Mayor of Selenge Municipality Narantuya Baasansuren, Deputy Mayor of Uvurkhangai Municipality Chuluuntsetseg Chuluunbat, Deputy Mayor of Uliastai Sarantsetseg Dorjdogva, Deputy Mayor of Khentii Municipality Kherlenchuluun Gantumur and Deputy Mayor of Çingeltei Municipality Byambajav Zagdsuren, Education Manager of Mongolia Union of Local Authorities Sainbileg Munkhbat.

Mongolia Local Administrators, who came to Turkey with the invitation of TDBB, visited Sakarya and had the opportunity to examine the services and works on site. The delegation of about 30 people, consisting of mayors and local administrators, received information about the historical and cultural heritage of Sakarya. While the Historical Wheel and Airplane Cafe were the focus of attention of the guests, the Reverse House and Kabak House in the Millet Garden also met with the intense interest of the delegation. The delegation, who had the opportunity to visit many points of the city, took many photos.

After visiting the Burnt Sapling Production Facility, the delegation, which attended the Greenhouse Excellence Center promotion meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality, showed great interest in the agricultural activities carried out. Describing the work done as admirable, the Secretary General of the Union of Mongolian Local Authorities Yanjinlkham Puverdorj said, The work of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality in the field of agriculture is almost revolutionary. The use of developing technology and meticulous production activities are admirable. The Metropolitan Municipality has a very important place in terms of our joint working areas in the future.” The delegation, which examined Akyazı Waste Water Treatment Plant and many other central sites, as well as agricultural activities, received information from the Metropolitan authorities on a technical and project basis. The delegation also attended the press launch of the ‘Greenhouse Excellence Center’ and the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Meeting in June.

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem Yüce, who was closely interested in his Mongolian guests, hosted his guests at the mayor office and gave information about the activities. Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, Mayor Yüce said, Today, we are witnessing an important moment again. We are hosting our Mongolian brothers with whom we have established deep cultural and historical ties for centuries. We will endeavor to carry this bond we have established in our past to the modern future and most importantly to share our experiences. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we shared all our activities and works with our esteemed delegation. We exchanged ideas with them. Hopefully, in the future, we will continue to share all the methods we have developed in the field of municipality, acting with the awareness that common denominators have common benefits. On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude and respect once again to our esteemed guests who come and visit us from thousands of kilometers away.

Throughout the program, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Bedrullah Erçin, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Manager Rıfat Keleş and Fidan A.Ş. General Manager Abdulcabbar Özdemir accompanied the delegation.