The book titled as ‘Talas War and Its Historical Importance’ was brought into publication by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB). The book contains more than 40 articles in Kyrgyz, Turkish, English and Russian.

The book stands out as it is the first independent study in Turkish and Kyrgyz about the Battle of Talas, which has a great importance in terms of Turkish history and the Central Asian region and is considered one of the 10 greatest wars of its time.

The book includes the papers of international scientific symposium on “Talas War and Its Historical Significance” held under the auspices of the President of Kyrgyzstan, Sadir Japarov, on the occasion of the 1270th Anniversary of the Battle of Talas on September 10, 2021. More than 40 researchers from People’s Republic of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine participated in the symposium.

In the work, the place of the Battle of Talas in Turkish and World History and its importance from geopolitical, religious, political, military, social and cultural aspects have been examined and the subject is evaluated from a broad perspective.

The book consists of five parts. In the first part, “The Historical Importance of Talas Valley and Archaeological Studies”, in the second part, articles on the general subject of the Talas War, in the third part, “Ethnic Elements in the Talas War”, in the fourth part, the articles on the “Talas War in Historical Sources” and in the fifth and last part of the book, articles on “Consequences of the Talas War” are included.

The 405-page work was edited by Marmara University Faculty Member Fahri Solak, President of Kyrgyz Historical Society and Kyrgyz National University Lecturer Tynchtykbek Chorotegin, Marmara University PhD Student Mairam Baigonusheva and Talas University Lecturer Moimol Cusupova.


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