Commemoration of Osman Gazi and Festival of Conquest of Bursa’s Opening Ceremony and Conquest Parade, which was organized for the seventeenth time this year due to the 696th anniversary of the conquest of Bursa, was held in Bursa on April 9, 2022, hosted by Osmangazi Municipality.

The opening ceremony, hosted by Mayor of Osmangazi Mustafa Dündar, was attended by Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Commission Hakan Çavuşoğlu, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş, Bursa Parliament Members, Mayor of Manisa Şehzadeler Ömer Faruk Çelik, Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Secretary General Fahri Solak, Mayor of Stari Grad of Bosnia and Herzegovina İbrahim Hacı Bayric as one of the sister municipalities of Osmangazi Municipality, TRNC Mayor of Mehmetçik Cemil Sarıçizmeli, Mayor of Mamusa Abdulhadi Krasnic, Mayor of Arkhangai (Mongolia) Mishka Batjargal, Mayor of Omurtag (Bulgaria) Eşref Eşrefov, Mayor of Kardzhali (Bulgaria) Hasan Azis, TURKSOY Secretary General Sultan Raev and many local and foreign guests.

In his speech at the ceremony, Mayor of Osmangazi Mustafa Dündar noted that they also celebrated peace, brotherhood, unity and solidarity on the anniversary of the conquest. Expressing that they brought many activities together with the citizens during the conquest festivals, Dündar said, “We exhibit the founding philosophy of Bursa in scientific meetings, sports activities and life culture with the activities that last throughout April. With Conquest Festivals, which unite the Yoruks, Turkmens, many local and foreign people, and turn Turkish traditions into a feast, we are traveling to our history, culture and traditions and clinging to our roots more tightly”.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş said that the conquest of Bursa was important in the construction of Turkish civilization. Aktaş stated that those who do not know history cannot direct the future, and it is their duty to carry the sacred relics they received from their ancestors to the future.

After the speeches, the Conquest Parade, one of the most enthusiastic activities of the conquest festivities, was held. Mayor of Osmangazi Mustafa Dündar, protocol and participants walked from the Sultanate Gate to Panorama 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum. Bursa residents showed great interest in the Conquest March. Colorful images emerged during the march, which was attended by thousands of people. After the march that ended at Panorama 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum, all participants were given an iftar dinner.