The official opening program of “2022 Turkish World Culture Capital” was held in Bursa on 30 March 2022.

The opening program was attended by President of TRNC Ersin Tatar, Turkic States Organization (TDT) Chairman of Council of Elders Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş, Secretary General of TURKSOY, Culture Ministers of Turkic Republics and mission representatives, Secretary General of Union of Turkish World Municipalities Fahri Solak on behalf of the Union (TDBB) and many guests.  

In his speech at the opening ceremony, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş stated that Bursa was chosen as the cultural capital with its deep-rooted history, rich culture, tangible and intangible cultural heritage and historical riches. Aktaş thanked those who contributed to Bursa, which was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, to be chosen as the cultural capital and said: “Bursa is an ancient city where the foundations of the greatest civilization this geography has ever seen were laid and its spirit was shaped. These lands are the lands where a world state was born. Bursa is the place where that magnificent dream that starts from Asia, the Middle East and extends to the depths of Europe becomes reality and is unlocked.” Aktaş added that they will be in an effort to increase the brand value of Bursa with numerous national and international events that will take place throughout the year, from congresses and seminars to concerts and festivals, from cinema, theater and exhibition to interviews.

After the speeches, the Secretary General of the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TÜRKSOY) presented the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Aktaş with the “Cultural Capital of the Turkic World” certificate.

700 artists from 20 countries, 20 soloists and 50 art groups participated in the event, along with the performances and dances performed by groups from Turkish states, as well as light and shadow plays. In the program, which is one of the biggest international events held in Bursa in recent years, the colors, folklore, clothing and music culture of the Turkish world were explained.

In the “Bursa” section of the performances, “Ottoman Period and Sultans”, “Iznik Tiles, UNESCO and Bursa Art”, “Silk Road, Caravanserai and Inns Center Bursa”, “Bursa Migration Theme”, “Important Personalities Raised by Bursa”, “Bursa” Karagöz Hacivat” were discussed.

In the “Nawruz” section of the program, “Winter Scene and Umay”, “Nature’s Awakening, Battle of Good-Evil Spirits, Sun Moon, Day-Night”, “Spring Miracle Birds Symbolizing Migration”, “The Coming of Spring, New Life, New Day”, “Nowruz Semenisi”(Spring Ceremony), “Silkworm, Silk Cocoon, Butterfly and Flower”, “Welcome to Bursa Nawruz”, “Spring Joy, Happiness, Holiday, Joy, Peace” and “Nawruz Song” themed shows were held.

The people of Bursa and guests from Turkic Republics and related communities showed great interest in the program.