As the quarterly Activity Bulletin of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), the Twenty-fourth issue (Fall 2021) of the periodical named ‘Local Agenda in Eurasia’, prepared in 3 languages, has been published.

The cover topics of the twenty-fourth issue of the bulletin are listed as the book Uzbekistan in the Turkish Press published by TDBB, Kotor Varos Sports and Playground Project built in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Turkistan Municipality being sister cities with Üsküdar and Zeytinburnu municipalities.

Other topics in this issue include Olovo Municipality ‘Cable Car and Spa Facility Management’ Experience Sharing Program, ‘Korkut Ata Turkish World Film Festival’ Award Ceremony, Bosnia and Herzegovina ‘Zvornik Kamenica Martyrdom Monument’ Project, 5th International Turkic World Science Festival, Gracanica Municipality ‘Solid Waste Management and Recycling Practices’ Experience Sharing Program, Albanian Municipalities ‘Private Sector Contribution to City Management’ Training Program, Bosnia and Herzegovina Armed Forces Day Ankara Celebration, Turkistan Municipality (Kazakhstan) Delegation’s Visit to TDBB, Kyrgyz Republic Minister of Culture Azamat Camankulov’s TDBB Visit, TDBB Delegation’s Contacts with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Trebinye Jupa (Bosnia) Mosque Roof Restoration.

Besides, the bulletin, which includes supported and collaborative activities, TDBB Organizational Meetings and news about our Member Municipalities, also involves news in English and Russian for our members and readers in other countries. 

To see Full Text PDF:  Twenty four Issue of Local Agenda in Eurasia