The martyrs of the Khojaly Massacre, in which 613 innocent people, mostly women and children, were killed by Armenian troops on February 26, 1992 in the town of Khojaly in the Nagorno-Karabakh Region of Azerbaijan, were commemorated with a ceremony held in Bağcılar on February 27, 2022.

Many people from the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey participated in the program that took place in front of the Khojaly Massacre Monument in the Azerbaijan Friendship Park in Bağcılar.

Zaur Allahverdizade, the Istanbul consul of Azerbaijan, said that 30 years ago, the world witnessed the most terrible murder in the history of humanity and added: “Even foreign press members who were in Khojaly were horrified by what they saw. We commemorate the massacre 30 years later, after the victory of the Azerbaijani army led by the Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev, at the end of the 44-day homeland war with the support of brother Turkey. This glorious victory is a consolation for the souls of the victims of the Khojaly Genocide. Victims of the Khojaly Genocide were avenged on the battlefield.”

Bağcılar District Governor Mustafa Eldivan, who commemorated those who lost their lives in the massacre with mercy, expressed his feelings as “Khojaly massacre is a massacre felt in the hearts of not only Azerbaijan but also all citizens living in the territory of the Republic of Turkey”.

Underlining the brotherhood of Azerbaijan and Turkey, Deputy Mayor of Bağcılar Şahin Köse said:We will never forget this genocide and we will always keep it alive. We will also do our best to preserve the lands we have liberated. May Allah continue the friendship between Azerbaijan and Turkey until the end of the world.”

After the speeches, the Qur’an was recited for 613 innocent Azerbaijani citizens and prayers were made. Afterwards, the guests visited the exhibition consisting of photographs taken during the Khojaly Massacre.