International Symposium on “Talas War and Its Historical Importance” organized on the occasion of the 1270th anniversary of Talas War, among which Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) is the supporting institutions, was held on September 10, 2021 with a hybrid model, with the hosting of Talas State University in coordination of Administration of Kyrgyzstan Presidency, Ministry of Education and Science, Talas Governorship, Talas Municipality, Heritage Foundation and Marmara University, with the participation of academicians from 5 different countries.

The Opening Ceremony of the Symposium was attended by Kyrgyzstan Presidential Administration Representative Arslan Koychiev, Governor of Talas Bakitbek Narbekov, Mayor of Talas Askar Shabdanov, Rector of Talas University Aybek Upenov, and academics and guests from Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Turkey.

After the opening speech of the rector of Talas University, a documentary film about the Talas War was screened.

In the symposium, which was held in four separate sessions, Talas War, its place and importance in Turkish and World History, was discussed from political, military, social, economic, religious and cultural perspectives, and the subject was evaluated from a broad perspective.

After the closing session of the symposium, a mini concert consisting of Kyrgyzstani tunes was given to the guests. After the plaques of appreciation were given, the participants also visited the area where the Talas War was fought.

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