A Statue of Manas was built in Keçiören to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Kyrgyzstan’s Independence Day. The opening ceremony of Manas Statue was held on 31 August 2021 at Keçiören Turkic World Kalaba City Square in cooperation with Keçiören Municipality and Kyrgyzstan Embassy in Ankara. 

The opening ceremony was attended by Kyrgyz Ambassador to Ankara Kubanıçbek Omuraliyev, Mayor of Keçiören Turgut Altınok, representatives of foreign missions and international organizations, local governors and many guests.

Mayor of Keçiören Turgut Altınok stated, in his speech at the ceremony, that “Manas is an epic that tells about justice, truth and honesty. Today, we are happy to open the statue of Manas who came from the Tian Shan Mountains here in Keçiören. Manas advices people to become united, together and brother. Our youth will be honored to see the Manas Statue in Keçiören Turkic World Kalaba City Square and to get to know his ancestors.

Kyrgyzstan’s Ambassador to Ankara Omuraliyev stated, in his speech, that “This statue will be the symbol of the eternal friendship lasted for centuries of the two brother countries. 30 years ago today, Kyrgyzstan declared its independence on 31 August 1991. Turkey is the first country to recognize the independence of Kyrgyzstan. Our cooperation has been successfully lasted for 30 years in all fields of areas. Building the Manas Statue will contribute to the strengthening our ties and make a big impact for preservation of our common cultural values. The epic of Manas is a magnificent story of the Kyrgyz people who are fighting for their independence.”

After the speeches, participants made the opening of the Manas Statue and then they made a tour in the Manas exhibition.

About Manas Epic

As one of the oldest Turkish epics, Manas bears the traces of both Turkish mythology and steppe culture with its structure independent from other Turkish epics like Creation and Uyghur decent, Migration, Ergenekon, Oguz Kagan; it is the greatest epic of the world with 5.000 lines, longer than many other epics concerning line numbers like Persian Firdevsi’s Şehname, Finlanders’ Kalevala, Germans’ Nibelungen, Indians’ Ramayana, ancient Greeks’ Iliad and Odyssey. Originally, the epic of Manas is started to be created at the wars between Uyghur Turks and Chinese when Kyrgyzs establish a state in Yenisey River and Minusinsk steppe around 840 and later on, it is enriched with new elements during the wars between Kyrgyzs and Kalmuks or Buddhist Kalmuk Mongolians and Chinese with Muslim Turkish tribes in Central Asia in 16th-17th centuries. Besides, the Epic of Manas has the characteristics of being an important document in the sense that it transfers information on content, language and cultural codes of not only Kyrgyz nation but all Turkish nations after Islamic influence.