Twenty-second issue (Spring 2021) of the periodical “Local Agenda in Eurasia” prepared as a quarterly Activity Bulletin of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) has been published.

Cover topics in the Twenty-second issue of the bulletin are listed as Construction of a Heated Greenhouse Project to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Modrica from TDBB, Azerbaijan Member Municipalities Information and Experience Sharing Program and TDBB’s Graduate Students Support Program.

This issue includes other titles such as Ground-Breaking Ceremony of Bosnia Doboj and Doboj Istok Spreča Peace Bridge, TDBB Delegation’s Attendance to the 511th Ajvatovica Festival, TDBB Bosnia Member Municipalities Coordination Meeting, Presentation of Two Books on Bosnia Published by TDBB in Sarajevo, 5th Heritage Istanbul Fair and Congress, Publication of the TDBB 2020 Annual Report, Visit of Consul General of the Kyrgyz Republic to Istanbul to TDBB, Visit of Federal Minister of Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina Edin Ramic to TDBB and Visit of Mogadishu Municipality Delegation, the Capital of Somalia to TDBB.

In addition the bulletin, which includes news on supported and collaborative activities, Meetings of TDBB Executive Board, and on Member Municipalities, also contains annotations in English and Russian for our participants and readers in other countries.

To see Full Text PDF: Twenty two Issue of Local Agenda in Eurasia