Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB)’s member Maltepe Municipality and Karshi Municipality (Uzbekistan) signed a sister city protocol with a ceremony held in Karshi city on 7 July 2021.

Mayor of Maltepe Ali Kılıç went to Uzbekistan and visited the Mayor of Karshi Normumin Kholboev. During this visit, it was agreed on more dialogue and cultural cooperation between the peoples of the two countries where the sister city protocol was signed between Maltepe Municipality and Karshi Municipality.

Mayor Ali Kılıç expressed his pleasure regarding the two municipalities signed a sister city protocol and he added that “Friendship and brotherhood has no boundaries. We, as Maltepe Municipality, want to build bridges of friendship and brotherhood wherever our hands can be reached. In the future terms, we will host our sister city Karshi Municipality in Maltepe, Istanbul. We want to contribute the development of cultural cooperation and friendship between the two countries. I would like to thank our friends for hosting us in the best way possible”.

Mayor of Karshi Normumin Kholboev who thanked Mayor Ali Kılıç posited that “Thanks to our friends from Istanbul, we will continue to work with in a cooperation environment with different cultures in different fields. I would like to thank Mayor of Maltepe Ali Kılıç and our guests for their visit.”

Mayor of Maltepe Ali Kılıç also visited the First Deputy Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan Akhmedov Bakhodır, within the framework of his Uzbekistan visiting program.

On the other hand, the play “Deli” which is one of the plays of Maltepe Municipality Theatre was staged by Uzbekistani actors during this visit. The play directed by Maltepe Municipality Coordinator of Culture and Art Department Kubilay Erdelikara showed the play at Kaşkaderya State Theater. The play was watched by the Uzbek audience also with the participation of Mayor of Maltepe Ali Kılıç and the play was liked and applauded by theater lovers from Kaşkadar.

7 Temmuz 2021