The ‘2020 Annual Report’ of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) has been published in Turkish, English and Russian.

In its 2020 Annual Report, which includes a year’s activities and also institutional information about TDBB, there are titles listed as the ‘Islamic Union Building Renovation Project’ carried out by TDBB in cooperation with the Islamic Union and Kljuc Municipality in Kljuc, Bosnia and Herzegovina, minibus purchased for Islamic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IZBIH) Student Center by TDBB and funeral vehicles purchased for Beyarmudu Municipality (TRNC), “Martyr and Veterans Monument” built with the contributions of TDBB in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, mask support to Mongolia within the framework of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic and contribution of TDBB to the campaign of ‘National Solidarity in the Fight against Corona’. 

In the 2020 Annual Report, which also includes thematic “Expert Training Programs” with the participation of experts from Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia and “Information and Experience Sharing Programs” for local governments of Azerbaijan, Croatia, Uzbekistan and Russian Federation with Video Conference Method under pandemic conditions within the framework of experience sharing and expert training programs, Union’s administrative meetings, programs organized and supported cooperatively, ‘printed publications’, international events participated by the Union, representative visits, ‘financial information’, ‘municipalities that became members of TDBB in 2020’, ‘TDBB members’ activities on Turkish World’ and ‘TDBB in the Press’ are listed as other headings in the report.

To see Full Text PDF: 2020 Annual Report PDF