Twenty-first issue (Winter 2021) of the periodical “Local Agenda in Eurasia” prepared as a quarterly Activity Bulletin of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) has been published.

Cover topics in the Twenty-first issue of the bulletin are listed as Fuel Aid to Gaza and Beit-Hanoun Municipalities of Palestine, Training Program for Azerbaijan Municipalities on “Private Sector’s Contribution to City Management” and New book named as “Tombstones in Bosnia and Herzegovina” and its publication by TDBB. 

This issue includes other titles such as 10th International Conference of Eurasia World Heritage Cities, Unions of Municipalities Consultation Meeting, Bosnia and Herzegovina Mayor of Jablanica Şabanoviç’s TDBB Visit, World Heritage Cities Regional Coordinator of Eurasia’s TDBB Visit and Palestine Mayor of Abasan Al-Kabira Abu Zarifa’s TDBB Visit.

In addition the bulletin, which includes news on supported and collaborative activities, Meetings of TDBB Executive Board, and on Member Municipalities, also contains annotations in English and Russian for our participants and readers in other countries.

To see Full Text PDF: Twenty-first Issue of Local Agenda in Eurasia