The book named as “Tombstones in Bosnia and Herzegovina” was published in three languages (Bosnian, Turkish and English) by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB).

The book contains general information about the types and the dates of the gravestones that were found in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The study is the result of four years of theoretical and field research. The book consists of the following chapters: The emergence of tombstones in Bosnia and Herzegovina, The periods of making tombstones, The general characteristics and shapes of gravestones, Types of gravestones, The materials of the gravestones, decoration of tombstones, Stonemason schools, The fundamental distribution of gravestones according to forms, ornaments and signs showing the social status of the deceased, Tombstones with fez, Modern period and regional characteristics of making tombstones.

Author Nihad Klincevic in the Preface gives the following information about the book: “Written and oral sources were used for this research. Today, few people know the types and shapes of gravestones. Most of the time, interpretations are superficial, incomplete, and sometimes completely wrong. Information on this subject has been trivialized, and its awareness in our country has almost completely disappeared. The book aims to uncover the value and the meaning of gravestones of which is almost forgotten and bring them back to our culture. Many cemeteries in Bosnia and Herzegovina were visited and many gravestones were photographed for the book and all these were included in the book.”

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