Fuel assistance for Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB)’s Palestine member Gaza Metropolitan Municipality was given cooperatively by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Beykoz Municipality and Şahinbey Municipality.

 Upon the request from TDBB’s member Gaza Metropolitan Municipality, TDBB Administrative Board decided to supply fuel to Gaza Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with Konya Metropolitan, Beykoz and Şahinbey Municipalities amounted 2,400,000 TL at the Board Meeting. Within the framework of the protocol regarding this assistance, the first payment of the total amount approximately 100 thousand USD was given to the Gaza Metropolitan Municipality. The rest of the amount will be delivered to Gaza within the scheduled program.

As it is known, the need of the electricity in the Gaza region is mostly covered by generators. Therefore, fuel aid has a great importance for the region for producing the electricity and the use of the services. 

While financial responsibility was coordinated by TDBB and covered by Konya Metropolitan, Beykoz and Şahinbey Municipalities, the delivery operation was carried out by Turkish Red Crescent.