Local elections were held in Kyrgyzstan on 11 April 2021 to determine the local council members and vote for the new constitutional draft.

With the constitutional referendum, a total of 448 local council members were elected in 7 provinces, 2 metropolitan cities and 26 districts.

Approximately 30 thousand candidates, including 5 thousand 300 of them are women from 59 political parties, competed for a 7,560-seat members of the parliament.

There are 3 million 606 thousand voters registered within the country and 1.295.943 of them voted and the level of participation in the elections was 36 percent.

The two ballots given to the voters included party names and the option “against all” and “yes” and “no” for the constitutional referendum.

In Kyrgyzstan, city and village council members are determined by the local people and mayors are determined by the elected council members.

People Say Yes to the Constitutional Amendment with 79 Percent

The new political administration, led by President Sadir Caparov, submitted the draft constitution to the referendum which includes radical changes and based on the presidential system of government.

In the referendum for the constitutional amendments, which is for the transition to the presidential system, 79 percent of the voters voted “yes” to the new constitution, and 13 percent of the voters said “no”. The turnout rate in the referendum was 30,89 percent.