Twentieth issue (Fall 2020) of the periodical “Local Agenda in Eurasia” prepared as a quarterly Activity Bulletin of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) has been published.

Cover topics in the Twentieth issue of the bulletin are listed as Turkey – Azerbaijan and Turkey –Uzbekistan Combating with Covid-19 Experience Sharing Conferences, New book named as ‘Turkey’s Public Diplomacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina’ and TDBB Delegation’s Visit to Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Ankara. 

This issue includes other titles such as Minibus Support from TDBB to Bosnia and Herzegovina Islamic Union Student Center, TDBB Web page and Twitter account 2020 Viewing Rates, Kyrgyzstan Kara-Suu Mayor Adıl Lolobaev’s Visit to TDBB, 5th Turkish World Documentary Film Festival Award Ceremony, Turkey Park Equipment support to Gagauzia Kazayak District, Announcement of the International Symposium on “The Talas War and Its Historical Importance” to be held in Kyrgyzstan with the support of TDBB and “Cengiz Aytmatov International 4th Issık Göl Forum” held in Bishkek.

In addition the bulletin, which includes news on supported and collaborative activities, Meetings of TDBB Executive Board, and on Member Municipalities, also contains annotations in English and Russian for our participants and readers in other countries.

Local Agenda in Eurasia No:20 (PDF)



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