The Khwarizmi statue, which was built in cooperation with Keçiören Municipality, a member of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), and the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was opened with a ceremony held on 3 March 2021.

The opening ceremony held by Kırıkkale University Faculty of Arts Head of the Department Prof Dr İsa Eliri was attended by Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan Alişar Azamhocayev, Mayor of Keçiören Turgut Altınok, Governor of Khwarezm of Uzbekistan Ferhod Ermanov, Çankaya Governor of Keçiören Uğur Bulut, MP of Bursa and Chairman of Turkey-Uzbekistan Parliamentary Friendship Group Osman Mesten, the delegation from Uzbekistan, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations and many guests.

Mayor of Keçiören Turgut Altınok, during his speech in the opening ceremony, stated that “Uzbekistan and Turkey are the two brother countries. We will keep these art works in our town so that our future generations get to know their ancestors. We made this statue due to the fact that Khiva is the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World of this year. Thanks to this statue, we may have some patterns of Turkistan, Samarkand and Khiva here”.” he said.

Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan Alişar Azamhocayev, in his speech, posited that opening the Khwarizmi statue in Keçiören has become good after Khiva became the capital of the Turkic World, and he added that: “Two years ago, Uzbekistan was elected a member of Turkic Council with Turkey’s support. This made a great progress in the development of the relations of the two countries. I heard the first time that Khiva city became the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World while I was in a meeting with my dear friend Turgut Altınok and I shared it with him. After a while, he invited me to Keçiören and showed me this gorgeous statue. I thank a lot to our mayor and the architect of the statue. I wish a strong friendship between our countries Uzbekistan and Turkey”.

About Khwarazm

Al-Khwarizmi was born in 780 in the city of Khwarazm in the Khiva region of Uzbekistan. Al-Khwarizmi who had his first education in Khwarazm went to Baghdad during his teenager years and continued his education there. He was supported by the Abbasids and took place in Beit al-Hikme where the best scholars of the period took their education. Al-Khwarizmi became the director of the library in Baghdad Palace. 

The great Islamic scholar Al-Khwarizmi was one of the most important mathematicians in human history that discovered algebra and algorithm and the number zero. He found the binary number system which is the fundamental of today’s computer science and digital electronics. This great scholar was not only interested in mathematics, but also in the fields of astronomy and geography and those works have survived to the present day. He died in Baghdad in 850.

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