Equipment support was given to Türkiye Park in Cazaclia city in Moldova Gagauz Autonomous Region cooperatively by TDBB and member municipalities. The support was arrived to Türkiye Park on 29 December 2020. Transportation support was provided by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and park, garden and playground equipments were sustained by Ankara Metropolitan, Keçiören and Isparta Municipalities.

Bilge Qaghan Monument, 3 booths, 14 benches, 14 trash bins, 2 sets of play groups for child playground, 5 picnic tables, 1 waste container, 18 tons of cobblestone and lots of equipment for children such as bikes and treadmills. All those materials were delivered to Cazaclia Municipality with a truck provided by TDBB.

Türkiye Park is built in Cazaclia city of Moldova Gagauz Autonomous Region cooperatively by TDBB and Altındağ (Ankara), Büyükçekmece (Istanbul), Gölbaşı (Ankara), Isparta, Karatay (Konya), Ortahisar (Nevsehir), Osmangazi (Bursa) Municipalities in 2018. The park was opened on 6 May 2018 with a ceremony with a large scale participation including the President of Moldovan Igor Dodon and President of Gagauz Autonomous Region Irina Vlah.


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