The 5th Turkish World Documentary Film Festival awards, in which Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) is among the project partners, were given to their owners at a ceremony held in Osmaniye on 13 November 2020.

At the awards ceremony held in the Osmaniye Chamber of Commerce Conference Hall, in the Student category Yağmur Kartal from Turkey won the first prize with the film ‘Oyuncakçı Saklı Yadigarlar’, Fatih Ertekin from Turkey won the second prize with the film ‘Memtevri (Yaylacı)’ and Sungatullin Sultan Zufarovich from Tatarstan and Çıngız Samudin Uulu from Kyrgyzstan won the third prize with the films ‘Dancing in the Corner’ and ‘Hayal’.

In the professional film category, ‘Öğretmen’ film by Ibadylla Adjibaev from Kyrgyzstan won the first prize while ‘Diş Ağrısı’ film by Özer Kesemen by Turkey was awarded the second prize and ‘Şems’ film by Mehmet Can Bindal from Turkey and ‘Harpıtla’ film by Veli Seyadi from Azerbaijan won the third prize. 

In addition, the late Murat Aliyev, the person of culture and arts from Kyrgyzstan, Special Award was won by Atbin Hosseini from Iran with his film ‘Dumanlı Serhed’, the Turkic Council Modern Silk Road Tourism Award was given to Murod Odilov from Uzbekistan with the film ‘Suzuk Ota’, Jury Culture Art Special Award was won by Arailym Zhetkerg from Kazakhstan with the film ‘Craftsman’ and Hasan Erdoğmuş from Turkey was entitled to have the Festival Organizing Committee Special Award with the film ‘Merkeb-i Mesai’. 

In addition, the Turkish World 2020 Lifetime Honorary Award was given to artist Cüneyt Arkın.

The ceremony ended with the presentation of appreciation plaques.


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