The park named after Major General Polad Hashimov, who died in Armenia’s attack on Azerbaijani territory built by Osmangazi Municipality (Bursa) which is a member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), was opened with a ceremony on 28 October 2020.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mayor of Osmangazi Mustafa Dündar, Counselor at the Embassy of Azerbaijan Ruslan Abdullayev and many citizens.

The ceremony started with Turkey and Azerbaijan’s national anthems and the Quran recitation and then Mayor of Osmangazi Mustafa Dündar posited that “one may easily see that Turkey and Azerbaijan have strong connection” and he underlined the message of “two states, one nation” which became a motto of the bonds of these two countries. Mayor Dündar stated that this beautiful park will be serving for the sake of people in Demirtaş where needed green areas. Mayor Dündar stated that “We are opening a very functional park that our children and people of all ages can benefit from at any time of the day. We give this beautiful park the name of Azerbaijani martyr Major General Polad Heşimov”.

“We Feel the Close Support of Turkish Society”

Counselor at the Embassy of Azerbaijan Ruslan Abdullayev, in his speech, expressed his pleasure to be in such a meaningful opening of Osmangazi Municipality. Abdullayev posited that “We are very glad the fact that Osmangazi Municipality which is one of the largest municipalities of Turkey gave the park name of Azerbaijani Martyr Major General Polad Heşimov. May God bless all our martyrs. On behalf of myself and Azerbaijani people, I would like to thank our Mayor Mustafa Dündar for this important act. We always feel the great support of Turkish people and government for Azerbaijan”.

Family of Martyr’s Message

In the message sent to the ceremony by Martyr’s mother Samaya Heşimova expressed that “We were deeply touched by the fact that opening of a park in Bursa in the name of our martyr Polad Heşimov. We are grateful for your love and interest to our martyr. Polad Heşimov had always been devoted his whole life to his homeland and he was always willing to rescue our lands from the occupation of enemies. We believe that his ambition brought him to the level of martyrdom. We also believe that this park on the name of Polad Heşimov in Turkey to be a place of a pilgrimage which make our hearts will unite more closely”.

Martyr Major General Polad Heşimov Park

The park consists of 650 square meters of green area, 371 square meters of hard ground, 230 square meters of children’s playground, 110 square meters of fitness area, 255 square meters of walking area, 284 square meters of sports field and 64 square meters of street games which was built by Osmangazi Municipality in Demirtaş, Cumhuriyet District.