The “Islamic Union Building Renovation Project” carried out by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with the Islamic Union and Kljuc Municipality in Kljuc, Bosnia and Herzegovina was completed and opened with a ceremony held on 23 October 2020.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mufti of Banja Luka Nusret Abdibegovic, Minister of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Refugee and Internally Displaced Persons Edin Ramic, Head of the Foundations Administration Senaid Zaimovic and other guests.

A total of 450,000 KM was spent for the Islamic Union building, which includes the administrative offices of the Islamic Union employees and imam lodgings.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chief Imam of Kljuc Islamic Union Ermin Vuckic thanked TDBB for covering the cost of the interior construction of the building. Vuckic read the telegram sent on behalf of TDBB stating the regret that they could not attend the ceremony due to the global epidemic.

In the telegram sent by TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak, he stated: “Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the countries which Union of Turkish World Municipalities works closest. As it is known, Union of Turkish World Municipalities, which has 30 members in Bosnia, is pleased to carry out important projects by cooperating with many member municipalities here and Kljuc Municipality, where the building is located, is one of our members.”

Banja Luka Mufti Nusret Abdibegovic performed Friday prayer in Kljuc Central Mosque and stated that the city of Kljuc has become better looking day by day.

Edin Ramic, Minister of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Refugee and Internally Displaced Persons, stated that this project is the most important project for the citizens of Kljuc and it is a priority in all their requests.

The Head of the Foundations Administration, Senaid Zaimovic, stated that this structure is the result of the cooperation of both public and private organizations and that Union of Turkish World Municipalities is among the supporters in the construction of the building. Zaimovic continued his speech and said: “In particular, I would like to specify that Turkey, with all state and non-governmental organizations strongly encourages the repair and construction of foundation structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ferhadija Mosque, Alaca Mosque, now the Arnaudija Mosque and other structures are made and repaired thanks to our friends in Turkey. We are grateful to all of them”.