Samsun Metropolitan Municipality provided 180 thousand masks to its sister city Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

The ceremony was held in front of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and was attended by Mayor Mustafa Demir, Deputy Mayor Nihat Soğuk, Secretary General İlhan Bayram, Deputies of Secretary General Ali Seyfi Küçükgöncü, Şenol Yıldız, bureaucrats in the municipality and President of Red Crescent in Samsun Branch Dr. Habip Demirel.

180,000 masks aid prepared aiming to support the sister city Bishkek was sent with the prayers of Provincial Mufti Seyfullah Çakır. The aid which was collected with the contribution of people in Samsun and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality will be delivered to Bishkek via Red Crescent.

Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Demir underlined their support for Kyrgyz people and stated that “We are sister cities with Bishkek for 10 years. We would like to support them in such difficult time. We are sending the equipment we collect with the support of our people and our municipality via Red Crescent. As you all know, our country has made a great deal of improvement with its stability in the las two decades and we hope the same happened for Kyrgyzstan too”.