The funeral vehicle which was purchased by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), was delivered to Beyarmudu Municipality (TRNC) with a ceremony held on 2 September 2020.

At the ceremony held in Beyarmudu, on behalf of the TDBB, Mahmut Özçınar who is a member Administrative Board and Mayor of Güzelyurt, delivered the key of the vehicle to the Mayor of Beyarmudu İlker Edip.

During the ceremony Mahmut Özçınar said that, “We are very pleased with our close cooperation between TDBB and TRNC. TDBB has always been ready to cooperation and support us in every field for the development of local governments in TRNC. Today, this funeral vehicle can be seen as the most concrete proof of this relationship with TDBB”.

Mayor of Beyarmudu İlker Edip posited that, “As Beyarmudu Municipality, we are grateful for this funeral vehicle which is provided by TDBB. This vehicle will serve many local government units in our region. I also believe that TDBB will be a gateway to the world for us”.