“Martyrs and Veterans Monument”, built in Bihac city of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the contributions of Union of Turkish World Municipalities, was opened on 24 July 2020 with a simple ceremony due to the pandemic.

Semir Efendic, TDBB Administrative Board Member and also Mayor of Novi Grad, attended the ceremony, representing Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB). Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor of Bihac Šuhret Fazlić said: “The institution we cooperate is Union of Turkish World Municipalities, which has an international structure. There are member municipalities and cities from different countries of the world, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. This monument is a work that emerged as a result of our cooperation with TDBB. ”

On the other hand, TDBB Administrative Board Member Semir Efendiç said: “Bihac Municipality sent an official letter to TDBB two years ago and made a request to build a monument to martyrs and veterans. After the evaluation of this request, we reached an agreement with Bihac Municipality to choose a contractor firm with open tender procedure. After the company was determined, the construction was started quickly and the project was completed. ”

Semir Efendiç told the press: “TDBB is an international organization with almost 1200 members from 30 different countries. It carries out these and similar projects. We would like to have a trace of our cooperation to the next generations. This monument is one of them. ”

About the Monument

The appearance of the monument built in the memory of the martyrs and veterans of Bihac symbolizes the struggle of this city and its defenders in the 1992-1995 war. Since the city of Bihac and its vicinity remained in a siege circle, they found a space in the circle and managed to keep the city in their hands and were able to escape. The gap that appears on the monument symbolizes this struggle and the Bosnians in Bihaç who escaped from that circle.