Introduction video of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) was updated.

Following the formation of new TDBB Administrative Board elected at the 5th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting which was held in 2019, TDBB’s introduction video was also updated and published.

Introduction video includes information about TDBB Administrative Board Members consisting of 11 different countries (Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, North Macedonia, Mongolia, Moldova-Gagauz Autonomous Region, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan and Turkey), partner organizations and institutions, activities carried out by TDBB in a wide geography extending from Balkans to the Caucasus and Central Asia, sister city relations and map of TDBB members.

The video also includes Information and Experience Sharing Programs conducted by TDBB for local authorities of member municipalities, activities on boosting corporate communication and coordination among member municipalities and sister cities, thematic Expert Training Programs for specialists employed by member municipalities, cultural events such as forums, symposiums, panel discussions and exhibitions organized or supported by TDBB for the purpose of preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the Turkic Republics and Related Communities and developing local governance and urbanism, mutual working visits to strengthen the cooperation of the member countries; periodicals publications of TDBB and publishing activities that contribute the academic and cultural life of the member countries.

To view the TDBB introductory video, click the following link: