Protective mask aid was given to Mongolia by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) due to the outbreak of Corona Virus at the request of Mongolian Association of Local Authorities.

While the number of people who lost their lives with the corona virus emerging in Wuhan, China is increasing day by day, the virus continues to spread rapidly to various countries. Due to its long border with China, Mongolia continues to take measures to prevent the corona virus from spreading throughout the country.

TDBB and Mongolia local governments, which cooperated in many fields as a result of the close relations between the two countries, finally cooperated due to the corona virus declared by the World Health Organization, and 20,000 masks were sent to Mongolia by TDBB.

Mongolia is one of 30 countries that are members of TDBB. There are 32 TDBB members, including Mongolian Association of Local Authorities from the country. In addition, Mongolia is one of the 11 countries represented on the TDBB Administrative Board. In recent years, as well as mutual visits between TDBB and Mongolia, information and experience sharing programs, sister city relations and expert training programs are frequently organized.