“Mongolia Arkhangai Municipality Turkey Program” was organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Osmangazi and Zeytinburnu Municipalities in Bursa and Istanbul in the dates of 16-22 January 2020.

Program was attended by Head of Arkhangai City Council Usukhbayar Bider, Governor of Arkhangai Munkhnasan Tsogoo, Deputy Governor of Arkhangai Bolormaa Byambatsogzol, Members of Arkhangai City Council Otgonjargal Choidogdemid, Enkhamar Dorjgotov, Battsetseg Batjargal, Batbold Munkhbayar, Boldbaatar Zangir, Choijiljamba Tserendolgor, Munkhbat Dagvadorj, Batdorj Merdee, Tumenjargal Byambatsogzol and Erdenebazar Sanjaa, Head of Department of Environment and Tourism Agency of Arkhangai Bayanmunkh Nyamdechin, District Governor of Khangaisoum in Arkhangai Urnukhbayar Dashvandan, District Governor of Erdenebulgansoum in Arkhangai Gurvantamir Jamts, District Governor of Erdenemandalsoum in Arkhangai Boldbaatar Enebish, District Governor of Khotontsoum in Arkhangai Batbaatar Dashzeveg, District Governor of Tsetserlegsoum in Arkhangai Munkhbat Purevjav and Official personal from Arkhangai City Council Zorigtkhuu Tsogoo.

In the first day of the program, delegation visited Mayor of Osmangazi Mustafa Dündar. There, Head of Arkhangai City Council of Mongolia Usukhbayar Bider made a speech and he stated that, “We have long been connected and cooperated closely with many institutions in Turkey as city of Arkhangai. However, we have no sister city from Turkey therefore, we would like to become sister cities with Osmangazi. Due to our commonalities in aspects of nature and history, we may develop cooperation on tourism. The year of 2020 was declared as the year of Bilge Kagan and Tonyukuk. For this reason, we are proposed to organize a collaborative international symposium in Arkhangai where the land of our common history is with Osmangazi Municipality. In the future, we are hoping to make a park in Arkhangai together if it is possible to become sister cities with Osmangazi. Finally, we invite you to our festival to be held in Mongolia in July of this year”.

Mayor of Osmangazi Mustafa Dündar posited that “We will immediately present our proposal to become sister cities with Arkhangai Municipality to our municipal council. As taking Bilge Kagan and Tonyukuk Inscriptions are there in Mongolia into account, we will try to have a positive answer on becoming sister city with Arkhangai in order to develop and strengthen historical and cultural links. Moreover, we can establish a park here in Bursa and name it Bilge Kagan in response to the park that you mentioned as a memory of our sisterhood. Furthermore, we annually celebrate Bursa’s Conquest in April for 16 years and organize various events. Our sister municipalities are also invited in this events. We would also like to invite you to this event. After taking sister city decision from both municipalities’ councils, we can sign the protocol here. Finally, we will be glad to organize the symposium cooperatively in Arkhangai for the year of Bilge Kagan and Tonyukuk which was determined by UNESCO in 2020”.

In the same day, delegation visited Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş as well and discussed probable cooperation areas between the two municipalities. 

Then, program continued with Istanbul visits, first the group visited Mayor of Zeytinburnu Ömer Arısoy. There, they made a site visit and examined Zeytinburnu’s municipal activites.

Delegation, within the framework of the program, visited TDBB and met with Secretary General Fahri Solak. Solak, during the meeting, expressed that “Mongolia is one of the member countries we work closely. We have more than 30 members in Mongolia and also one of ten countries in TDBB Administrative Board is Mongolia. We are very pleased of our close cooperation. Moreover, we have frequently host Mongolian delegations in Turkey and you are the fifth group coming from Mongolia this year. Recently, we have hosted Union of Mongolian Municipalities, and they are going to be the member of TDBB very soon and then hopefully we will have better communication with Mongolia. I believe that due to the declaration of ‘Year of Bilge Kagan – Tonyukuk” of this year by UNESCO and the 50th anniversary of establishment of Turkey-Mongolia relations, we will actualize very good projects this year. Finally, TDBB will provide the necessary process to build a sister city relation between Osmangazi and Arkhangai. It seems we may make the organization of sister city agreement on April of this year”.

Head of Arkhangai City Council Usukhbayar Bider stated that “We are appreciated your hospitality. Program was very beneficial and fruitful for us. We had no sister city from Turkey which is not a desired situation for us. In this sense, this sister city protocol will be an important step for us. We are very glad to work with TDBB and want to continue improving our relations. We would also like to welcome you in our country.”

Delegation also visited historical and touristic places of Istanbul and Bursa time to time during the program. On 22 January 2020, program ended after the participants returned to their home country.