The sixteenth issue of the periodical ‘Local Agenda in Eurasia’ prepared as the quarterly Activity Bulletin of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) (Fall 2019) published.

Cover topics in the sixteenth issue of the newsletter, North Macedonia and Kyrgyzstan Member Municipalities Information and Experience Sharing Programs, Bosnia and Herzegovina Doboj Istok Municipality, Fire Truck, Bosna Srebrenitsa Potocari Genocide Memorial Center Renovation Project finishing in that order.

Among other topics found in this number is Mongolia Association of Local Authorities and Kazakhstan Civil Society Organizations of Representatives delegation Turkey Programs held in Istanbul, Eurasian Orientalists’ and ‘Old Turkish Inscriptions in Mongolia’ Workshop, Visit of the TDBB Northern Cyprus Municipal Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Election of the TDBB President Uğur İbrahim Altay as Co-Chair of the Union of World Municipalities (UCLG), Opening of the School Renovated by the TDBB in Bosnia’s Srebrenik town, ‘TDBB Northern Cyprus Member Municipalities Meeting’ There are titles such as News from the TDBB members.

In addition, the newsletter, which includes supported and cooperation activities, TDBB Administrative Meetings and news about our Member Municipalities, including the news in English and Russian for the members and readers in other countries.

Local Agenda in Eurasia, No:16 (PDF)