“TDBB Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Municipal Delegation Visiting Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina” organized by the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) within the scope of the program launched to improve the cooperation among the member countries, was held on 17-20 November.

The program was attended by the president of the Union of Turkish Cypriot Municipalities (KTBB) and Mayor of Güzelyurt Mahmut Özçınar, Vice President of the Union of Turkish Cypriot Municipalities, Mayor of Nicosia Mehmet Harmanci, Mayor of Değirmenlik Ali Karavezirler, Mayor of Çatalköy Mehmet Hulusioğlu, Mayor of Beyarmudu İlker Edip, Mayor of Alsancak Fırat Ataser, Mayor of Mehmetçik Cemil Sariçizmeli, Mayor of Tatlısu Ahmet Hayri Orçan, Mayor of Paşaköy Habil Tülücü and KTBB Coordinator Hüseyin Köle.

On the first day of the visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the delegation visited the Mayor of TDBB Novi Grad Mayor Semir Efendic and a meeting was held to discuss the opportunities for cooperation. On the same day, the delegation met with the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and the Mayor of Stari Grad, the sister city of Mehmetçik Municipality, Ibrahim Hadzibajric. After the visits, the delegation attended a lunch organized by the City of Sarajevo and then took a city tour. Chairman of the delegation Mahmut Özçınar, said in a statement to the press in Sarajevo, that he is very happy to see the developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and added that they as the municipalities in the TRNC are participating in numerous activities. Çalışmalarını Özçınar expressed that they want to make a cooperation with the municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they want to make it permanent. Mahmut Özçınar stated that their goal is to improve the relations between the municipalities they will visit and the municipalities in the TRNC.

On the second day of the program, the delegation met with the Mayor of Pale-Praca Asim Zec and the Mayor of Gorazde Muhamed Ramovic. During the meeting with Asim Zec, the first step was taken to make Tatlisu Municipality and Praca Municipality sister cities. During the visit to Goražde Municipality President of the KTBB and Mayor of Güzelyurt Mahmut Özçınar made an address to the Mayor of Gorazde Muhamed Ramović, Municipality Assembly Members and other participants. Özçınar expressed his pleasure to be in Gorazde and thanked Ramović for the hospitality.

During the visit, the TDBB Delegation left flowers to the Aliya Izetbegovic Museum and the Tomb of the First President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the monument to 150 children who lost their lives in Goražde during the Bosnian war.

The program ended on 20 November 2019 with the return of the delegation to Cyprus.