2 million 800.000 voters voted to decide for 898 new mayors and more than 11.000 council members in Moldova on 20 October 2019. Moldova President of Central Election Commission Dorin Cimil notified that the participant to the local election was 41.68 percent.

According to the results of the local elections, 518 out of 898 mayor candidates were announced as new mayors, while 380 mayors were chosen in the second round of the election.

Cimil also gave information about the rate of mayors according to the parties. These numbers are; 191 from Democrat Party, 124 mayors from Socialist Party, 82 mayors from blok ‘ACUM DA si PAS’ Party, 26 from Liberal Democrat Party and 13 from Sor Party. Cimil also asserted that there were more than 11 thousand council members designated in the elections.

In the elections where 17 candidates competed for the mayoral seat of the capital city of Chisinau, none of the candidates could reach 50 percent of the vote. The candidate of Socialist Party Ion Cobanu competed with blok ‘ACUM DA si PAS’ Party candidate Andrey Nastase who is also Interior Minister of Moldova in the second round of the election which Cabanu has won it with 40,19 percent while latter took 31.08 percent rate of the votes.

The elections were attended by 46 parties including Socialist Party (PSRM) which is represented in parliament, the Democratic Party (PDM), Dignity and Truth Platform Party (Platforma DA) and Action and Solidarity Party (PAS). 

In Gagauzia, 26 mayors and 368 council members were elected. 59,000 voters voted in the local election in Gagauzia. In the elections, the participation rate was %45 percent. In five cities which are Kongazchik, Ferapontievka, Kazaklia, Baurchi and Etulia, mayors were elected in the second round. The current mayor of Comrat, capital of Gagauzia Sergey Anastasov reelected in this election as a candidate of PSRM.


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