The fifteenth issue of “Local Agenda in Eurasia” (Summer 2019), which is a three-month Activity Bulletin on the activities of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) has been published.

The cover of the fifteenth issue of the bulletin contains such news as Education and Cultural Center opened in Glamoc of Bosnia and Herzegovina, visit of the delegation of TDBB Executive Board to Tatarstan and TDBB Uzbekistan Tourism Delegation Information and Experience Sharing Program.

The following topics are also included in this issue: 4th Turkish World Documentary Film Festival, Doboj Bridge Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, TDBB publication of two books on Altai communities and books on Turkish Republics on the 25th year of their independence; TDBB Mongolia Information and Experience Exchange Program, 8th Altai Communities Symposium, TDBB Summer Internship Program in 2019 and news from TDBB Members.

In addition the bulletin, which includes news on supported and collaborative activities, Meetings of TDBB Executive Board, and Member Municipalities, also contains annotations in English and Russian for our participants and readers in other countries.

Local Agenda in Eurasia, No:15 (PDF)