During the visit of the Deputy Mayor of the Doboi Municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milos Bukejlovic and his delegation to the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), a working meeting was held related to the Friendship Bridge, which is planned to be constructed between the cities of Doboj and Doboj Istok, and a road map was prepared associated with the construction works.

Meeting with the Secretary-General of TDBB Fahri Solak at the Union’s headquarters, the delegation stated that after signing a protocol on cooperation between the Doboj municipality and the TDBB regarding the construction of the bridge that will connect Doboj and Doboj Istok in Bosnia and Herzegovina in August 2016, bureaucratic procedures were completed regarding the construction of the bridge, and now the project can be implemented.

The deputy mayor of the Doboj municipality, Milos Bukejlovic, said that after obtaining permission to build the project, only a short tender process has remained, after which the construction of the bridge can begin.

TDBB’s Secretary-General Fahri Solak expressed his appreciation for the possibility of constructing the Friendship Bridge. He said: “We started this project pursuing the kindest goals, and it is already yielding results, despite the delay in implementation. This project is important for us, and we call it the Friendship Bridge. After completing the permits and tender processes, we will try to complete the bridge as soon as possible, using the assistance of TDBB and member municipalities from Turkey. We hope that this project will open the door to new friendships and become the Friendship Bridge in a real sense, as we symbolically named it”.

The previously existing bridge between the cities of Doboj and Doboj Istok in Bosnia and Herzegovina was destroyed during the war and will be rebuilt with the assistance of the TDBB and the member municipalities of the Union. The project, with a budget of about 500,000 EUR, is of great importance as a bridge of friendship between the Bosniaks and Bosnian Serbs living in Bosnia and Herzegovina.