The Fourteenth Issue of the periodical ‘Local Agenda in Eurasia’ (Spring 2019), prepared as a quarterly activity Bulletin of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), has been published.

Cover topics of the fourteenth issue of the bulletin are TDBB’s 5th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, Purchase of X-Ray Machine for Bulgaria Madan Regional Hospital cooperatively by Pendik and Zeytinburnu Municipalities in coordination of TDBB, and Istanbul Program of TDBB Turkish World Women Artists Exhibition.

Among the other subjects in this issue are Year 2019 Applications for TDBB Support Program for Graduate Students, TDBB ‘Smart City Management’ Expert Training Program, Publishing of TDBB 2018 Annual Report and 2018 Training Report, Istanbul Celebrations of Nawruz, Fuel Support for Beit Hanoun Municipality of Palestine, and TDBB Support to 509th Ajvatovica Festival.

Beside the mentioned projects, other supported and collaboration activities can be found in the bulletin, which includes news about TDBB Administrative Meetings and Member Municipalities. For our members and readers in other countries, English and Russian abstracts of the news are also included.


Local Agenda in Eurasia, No:14 (PDF)